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  Is this a scare tactic or is this really happening?  What are the benefits? I just listened to The National Real Estate Post's video about "FHA Appraisals Just Got Much Tougher" and thought how scary this is for homebuyers who don't have the 20 percent down and have to turn to these type of loa...
I loved this particular blog so much I decided to take action.  I am sure this will evolve with time, but here's what I came up with.  Michael Thornton - I appreciate you sharing this!! SARAH COLE VA ON DEMAND MVVBP  MISSION –SARAH COLE VA ON DEMAND PROVIDES QUALITY WORK ON AN INDIVIDUAL CLIENT B...
When it comes to presenting a luxury listing on Facebook I do things a little bit different.  First, I upload the listing as an album on Facebook.  I put all photos in, BUT I leave out a very important piece and that is the price.  The price is found when one clicks on the link to the website.  T...
 When you expose your clients' listings to social media audiences, don't forget to have your assistant or whoever helps you in keeping track of things, do a detailed report for your Sellers.  Not everyone thinks to do this.   For example, I recently did a listing blast.  This is something I do fo...
The Men Who Died Too Soon--Memorial Day TributeThe flag flies over this land of the brave and the freeas a symbol of the liberty enjoyed by you and me.It flutters in the breeze of a quiet afternoonreflecting sounds of battles in which men died too soon. The flag flies overhead in cities and in to...
I'm always looking for new tools to make my job more manageable & my clients' presence perform better.Google+ Business Pages have always been a hard nut for me to crack because people tend to navigate towards the personal presence over the business presence.  I found a tool which puts you in fron...
For Mother's Day my Mom gave me a gift card for my favorite store, Barnes & Noble.  With that gift card, I bought a book called "When God Winks At You," by Squire Rushnell.  It's about all the coincidences that happen in our lives and how these are known as God Winks.  One example of this, which ...
So I've been saying, "No, that's not my speciality," and "No, I really don't have time," and "No, it really should be done by yourself," BUT now is the time to add this speciality to my service list.  When you have a couple of seconds could you help me in this area?  I've only blogged for myself....
 Today was the day to meet some of the faces behind Activerain.  Raymond E. Camp and I journeyed about 3.5 hours north to meetup with Bob Crane , and his son, Nicholas Crane.   This was the first time I had met any of them face to face and what a nice day it was.   Lively conversation.  Lunch at ...
For some of us that dash in between is a lot shorter.  It's been a pretty emotional week from Nepal's tragedy to hearing of a friend's 10-year-old nephew finally surrendering on Thursday night to his battle with cancer. The poor soul has finally been released and yet the most heartbreaking part i...

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