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Landing Pages - You really should start with your website. I strongly believe your website is the nucleus of your online business. Everything in your marketing efforts should point back there and absolutely must have an intentional way of gathering emails to further communicate with visitors. If ...
I've been trying to choose my one word for 2017. It isn't an easy process by any means. What I like to do is start with a list of words and then narrow that list down. I give myself until the end of January to complete it and so I guess the 1 word is really for 11 months, not a full year.Here's m...
I'm often asked where one should concentrate on sending their clients to leave real estate after they've worked together. It is not black and white, but here's a bit of an outline to help you decide what is best for your unique real estate business. Let's start - Zillow - I would start here becau...
I don't know about you, but what drives me to keep going is the fact that I know I'm one idea or one action away from thrusting my business into outer space.I mean that might seem like a slight exaggeration, but it is what gets me up at 6:30 am and nudges me to check my LinkedIn account to see wh...
 Who is Katie Lance?Katie Lance is someone I’ve admired and followed for pretty much my whole marketing career.  She’s been in the game and ahead of the crowd from day 1 or at least, the chapter I walked in on. She’s was Inman News’ chief strategist and social media director. This is where I foun...
Instagram and real estate appear to go together like bread and butter, toast and butter, spaghetti and meatballs . . . You get the picture. I have been working with clients for the past few months who love to use Instagram.  It has definitely proven to be very effective in drawing business in and...
Well, I have finally broken down and purchased a membership to Inman Select.  At first, I was upset that they changed to a paid subscription, but after having rested with the idea for a while I came to the conclusion they are worth the paid format.  Just like ActiveRain is.  There's a lot of info...
This blog was written yesterday morning as soon as I woke up and shared on Facebook. I did not see Joe's blog until this morning when Bob Crane shared it. Pretty ironic and the reason I decided to copy and paste it from Facebook and share it on Activerain. Maybe, just maybe, if we read someone's ...
Every parent thinks their child is the most special child ever to have come into this world. Sorry to tell you, but Nathaniel Foster Cole IS the most special child ever to come into this world. Ha! I say that with love, pride and just a touch of snarkiness thrown in. Nate's our only child and he ...
  1. I know I will never know it all.  I always want to remain in the mode of learning and viewing every relationship, encounter and engagement as a learning opportunity. Everyone and I mean everyone has something to teach you if you can put your ego and pride aside.  Sometimes easier said than d...

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