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Indoor Tips Inspect deadbolts and locks on your doors. Replace all locks and deadbolts for best security when first moving in. Make sure smoke alarms are installed on every floor outside sleeping areas and in every bedroom, are in good working order and have fresh batteries. Keep a multipurpose f...
A listing that is advertised as an "as is" sale can be a put-off to buyers. They might assume that something major is wrong and might be costly to repair. If they don't have much free time or extra money, they might decide not to even look at the property.  Sometimes sellers list the property "as...
Have everything you will need ready in case of an emergency or disaster. Plan to be without power.  Have flashlights, batteries, candles and matches/lighter.Have extra water available for every person and pet.  Don't depend on tap water after a disaster since it could be contaminated.  A normally...
If you're planning to use a moving company, call as soon as possible.  They usually need plenty of notice -- often at least six weeks or much more if you're moving a long distance. Be sure to build in some overlap between the closing/possession date of your new home and the last day of the lease ...
Common Mistakes Sellers Make:Putting the home on the market before it's ready.Pricing the home based on how much the seller wants to net or pricing the home too high and not reducing the price with market conditions.Hiring a realtor based on friendship or a reduced commission agreement rather tha...
Painting a room can dramatically change the mood and appearance of the entire space.  If you need a change then paint is the easiest way to accomplish that.   If you think your room is boring, look at it in terms of the 60-30-10 rule that designers employ: Sixty percent of the color in a space ge...
Top things that Buyers look for/want when searching for a house:Welcoming feeling and nice entrywayHardwood floorsUpgraded fixturesBeautiful clean bathroomsStainless steel appliancesOrganized closet spacesLots of lightingBuilt-ins are always a bonusManicured landscaping
Too many colors or patterns - keep it simple Improper lighting Frames hung too high All the furniture pushed-back onto the wallsBoring or no window coverings Fear of color Too many knick-knacks Fake flowers - they look fake and collect dust Too many photos Lots of cables and cords showing Lack of...
It's that time of year to make a fresh start in 2008 and for lots of people that means making a New Year Resolution or two.  Here are some of the most popular resolutions:Lose weightPay off debtSave moneyGet a better jobGet fitEat rightGet a better educationDrink less alcholQuit smokingReduce str...
Smell is a very important factor in selling your home.  If it stinks it probably will not sell quickly or for as much profit as you hoped.  Here are some suggestions to make your home welcoming and smell wonderful.  Bake cookies, but do not burn them!Bake an apple pie.Put vases of fresh flowers t...


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