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When designing or redecorating your home, there are some basic measurements to keep in mind. This article from Style at Home magazine, written by Brett Walther, is an excellent guide to keep on hand.  It includes reminders on the height of a typical desk, bathroom sink and chandeliers as well as ...
Just happened to catch a re-run of Dragons' Den on CBC the other night and saw the pitch made by Doug Burgoyne of FrogBox. They rent re-usable plastic storage boxes for moving.  The concept of plastic bins is not new - Rubbermaid and various knock-offs have been around for some time.  But the Fro...
When staging a vacant property that doesn't warrant or suit furniture rental, pay attention to the details.  Ensure all closets and storage spaces are completely cleared out. Remove heavy drapery treatments or swags. Update all light fixtures. Add a few artificial plants. Clean up the yardspace. ...
Here is an excellent piece of advice courtesy of Richard Weisser and this is probably something that most people don't even think about.  Thank you for sharing, Richard.  P.S.  Love that image of the keys !  Whether you buy a brand new home, a decades old resale, or a foreclosed property, the fir...
A beautiful home will always sell if priced right.  Thorough cleaning and de-cluttering are vitally important.  Appropriate furnishings really help too.  But sometimes it simply comes down to the basics.  Here are a few other things to keep in mind during the summer months: * keep indoor temperat...
Some excellent information contained in this link to a Toronto Star article on the choices available for mortgages.  Thanks to Sara Kareer for including it in her blog for those of us that may have missed it.   After finding the home of your dreams, the next decision you are likely to face is dec...
Words of wisdom from Canada's favorite handyman, Bryan Baeumler.  This article, special to the Toronto Star, deals with the issue of renovations in older homes and how best to handle the job of removing a wall to open up a space without compromising the structure.  I had the pleasure of meeting B...
Thanks to Julea Joseph, one of my counterparts in the U.S., for this informative piece on the correct sizing of area rugs.  Please let's all eliminate those tiny rugs that serve no purpose !   Photo: MLS Help! I'm having Rug Rage!  Time and time again I see ill-sized rugs being used in Home Sta...
Taming the clutter in a multi-purpose room use an armoire to house the computer & electronic components use a small table instead of traditional desk use a dining or parsons chair instead of a utilitarian office chair spray paint metal filing cabinets to blend in utilize vertical space with shelv...
Excellent client information here from one of my first and most successful graduates.  I also really love that she keeps in touch with me to let me know how life and business is on the East Coast. Thank you for sharing your personal expertise, Nicola.                                    Buyer Turn...

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