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  Thank you, Janet.  Your series of blogs on small spaces is vital information for homeowners and novice stagers alike.  I have re-blogged to share your wealth of knowledge and the excellent demonstrations you've used. STAGING SMALL SPACES.  PART 3--FURNITURE ARRANGEMENT I think the operative se...
Part 2 of Janet Jones' blog on "Staging Small Spaces".  Furniture choices and placement can often chop up a space and create obstacles to what we call "flow".  The more floor space we can view the better, and uncluttered corners of the room make it feel much larger.  Being able to walk up to a wi...
Another great blog post - this one from Janet Jones of Hawaii - on staging small spaces.  Notice how distracting the bookcase and mirrored cabinet are in the first image?  And how the furniture placement blocks the window? STAGING SMALL SPACES.  PART 1--FOCAL POINT A few months back I stopped int...
Thank you to Michelle Minch of California for this blog post and her excellent tips on making a small space feel bigger.  Number 5 is something that many home owners are afraid to try, but pulling the furniture away from the walls (even if only a few inches) can make a huge difference.  Suddently...
One of my favorite "design" shows on TV.  Jane Lockhart makes the colour selection process fun and foolproof.  If you can relate to the objects in the colour wheel you will definitely love the outcome.  It's like having a room makeover - if you love your stuff you can't go wrong.One of my all tim...
Sounds good doesn't it?  Was your first thought a childhood snack ... with chocolate as the substitute for peanut butter? When choosing a colour scheme for your home or any room, using the colours found in nature's palette always works beautifully.  Just imagine the pale silvery green of an oliv...
"Your home is where you live, not just physically but spiritually and emotionally as well." ~ Oprah (as quoted in Home Rules by Nate Berkus)
An excellent example of the difference between a "house" and a "home", and how to interpret those differences when selling your "house" (originally posted by Janet Jones, Home Stager of Hawaii).  Thanks for the good recommendation on this book, Janet."A PERFECTLY KEPT HOUSE IS THE SIGN OF A MISSP...
I love CONSIGNMENT stores, and this one has it all ... furniture, fashion and home decor items.  Some really great stuff at great prices.  This is the kind of place where you can see how easily the old blends with the new, and where you can find that unique piece you've always been looking for. I...
  This is a personal invitation to attend the CRDA Professional Development Days.   Please CLICK HERE for dates and details.  There will be one event in Mississauga ON (October 22) and one event in Delta BC (October 15).   You don't need to be a member to attend - simply REGISTER ONLINE as a gue...

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