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Here is my first "media appearance" for 2009.  Just helping yummy mummy's everywhere to love their space !  Simple tips for redesigning a room and giving it a fresh new look. Or maybe it was 2008.  I had actually forgotten that this article was sumbitte...
Has the cold weather got you stuck indoors? Tired of looking at those four walls. Is your room stuck in a rut?Treat yourself to a room makeover - in an hour or in a day. Got an hour to kill? Remove all accessories from your mantel, bookcase or table tops. Group similar items together - candles, b...
January 5th already ... how many of you have broken your new year's resolutions?  I thought it might be a good idea to give up smoking.  Easy enough to accomplish and absolutely no pressure involved cuz I don't even smoke.  Never had more than a puff or two since my teenage years.  Hmmm ... what ...
As the year winds down, I'd like to acknowledge the continued support of my friends, family and colleagues.  This is a time to share in happiness and goodwill.  I'm wishing each and every one of you all the very best for the New Year. Stay safe, have fun and enjoy the season  
I say that often.  Each and every time we complete a redesign, in fact.  The client's reaction reinforces the feeling:  Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't tell you enough how absolutely thrilled I am with my new space. I love the basement with my two leather pieces down there. I can actuall...
A few helpful reminders when showing your home in the winter season. ensure that outside steps and walkways are always clear of snow & ice ensure that your exterior lighting is adequate ensure that your home is a comfortable temperature - but not TOO warm as potential buyers will be wearing coats...
The impact of redesign on a client is worth noting.  My October graduates made a dramatic difference to a living / dining room for a client and this is what she said: When I came home on Friday, opened the front door and saw the transformation of our living room/dining room, I said WOW!!!!  And t...
It's time to get warm and cosy. It's time to settle in and prepare your home for the approaching winter season. The nights are definitely cooler and darkness comes far too soon. But these tips are sure to help you enjoy the season. - add a heavier drapery panel over your sheers - use fabrics like...
The 6th Annual CRDA Conference took place in Toronto over the weekend (October 17-19th).  It was wonderful to see familiar faces from the west coast and the east!  We also opened the Conference to new students who had registered for courses later this month and they were so inspired they just can...
The time has come for CRDA to shine in the media spotlight ! In partnership with eRenovate (CasaGuru), our TV segment on REDESIGN aired on Global TV Saturday September 13, 2008. For those that missed it, here is a link to my fellow...

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