Spring is here so is Persian New Year and Easter. Happy Easter to all and Happy New Year to all the persians if any in this website. I love spring it smells different. It feels like all around me is beeing colorful. Life is back to mother earth and to our wonderful real estate world.    
  There is an old saying; " You can take the man out of the village but you can not take the village out of the man".  I meet many people everyday. Some are pleasant and some are very nasty trying  to make sure to get what they want by beeing  mean, rude, or just making sure that you think only t...
  With spring coming will follow the birds cheerping and the blossoms growing. The nature is  waking up from a long cold sleep. The warmth of the sun is showering the earth. What is this telling me?Everything else is going to have the same lively effect with spring coming... yes, I mean our preci...

Sharona Hannuka

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