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A few weeks ago my parents prepared their garden for pumpkins. They turned the soil, fertilized, planted the seeds, and watered. Then they went on vacation for two weeks. Upon their return my father went straight to the garden eager to see if his pumpkin vines had sprouted. He was thrilled to fin...
by Jeb Blount author of PowerPrinciples and host of the Sales Gravy Podcast One of my favorite quotes goes something like this: "Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to excellence."It reminds me of the scene in the inspirational movie "In Pursuit of Happiness" when aspiring stockbroker Chris G...
by Jeb Blount, author of PowerPrinciples and host of the Sales Gravy Podcast You just closed the biggest deal of your career, you blew away your quota, you made the million dollar club, you were named agent of the year. You just crossed the finish line first . You raised your hands, pumped your f...
by Jeb Blount, author of PowerPrinciples"Happy New Year!" For the next week or so those words will be written, spoken, blogged, and shouted in many languages across the globe. People from all walks of life will reflect on the accomplishments and failures of 2007 and hold out hope for a better and...
by Jeb BlountMy good friend and talented sales leader Brian Stanton has coached an entire generation of Sales Professionals that "activity is the foundation of all success in sales" and his proven formula for success has resulted in 20 years of winning sales teams. Brian, like so many great Sales...
By Jeb Blount, author of PowerPrinciples and Sales Gravy Podcast HostIt's a fact. Salespeople fail. Maybe even you. Sadly, thousands of salespeople are fired or quit each day because they failed to attain quota. When you ask these salespeople what went wrong most are quick to point out that their...
By Jeb BlountPowerPrinciples: Do You Have The Winning Edge?Far too many salespeople believe that features and benefits, price, presentation, and marketing materials are the most important parts of selling. Unfortunately, none of these things close sales. Even if you sell the best products in your...
By Jeb Blount             Ghandi said, "We should live as if we will die tomorrow and learn as if we will live forever." I've observed that Sales Professionals who continually exercise their intellect are happier, more motivated and much more successful than their peers. They take advantage of ev...
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