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Question 1-Who is eligible for tax relief?Answer-Almost everyone who owes back taxes is eligible for some form of relief. The tax relief specialists at East Coast Tax Consulting Group know your rights and the detailed rules and regulations of the IRS. From releasing a wage garnishment, to reducin...
If you or someone you know is currently facing IRS difficulties you can find out how to get back on  track with these  seven strategies to tax relief. Learn how to resolve your tax problems and  delinquent tax returns so you can avoid crippling IRS penalties and financially devastating levies on you...
Generally speaking, tax return mistakes are a lot more common than you probably realize. Taxes have grown complicated and COVID tax relief has made many changes; the paperwork required to file proper tax returns is often convoluted. This is especially true if you're filing your taxes yourself.The...
If you recall, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), effective beginning in 2018, eliminated the business-related deduction for entertainment, amusement or recreation expenses. However, it did retain a deduction for business meals when the expense is ordinary and necessary for carrying on the trade o...
There are few things that can send a chill down your spine more than mail from the IRS. Just seeing the agency’s name on an envelope’s return address creates anxiety. If you find yourself in that position and open the mail to find a CP2000 notice inside, you don’t need to panic — but you do need ...
In the past, the IRS has assigned verification numbers to victims of identity theft to file their tax returns, if requested by the victimized individual. These numbers are referred to as identity protection (IP) PINs. The IP PIN is a six-digit code known only to the taxpayer and the IRS. It helps...

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