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Rules Of EngagementLet's remember who we are dealing with here -the Internet Empowered Consumer (IEC).  They are smarter, better informed, can maintain anonymity, and most importantly are in controlof the inquiry process.  This makes them quite different from the traditional real estate consumer....
I just watched the movie Secret The Law of Attraction , my friends for months have been telling me to watch the movie or read the book, so I did tonight and I loved it . I highly recommend to watch this movie, it will help you in many ways of your life and give you a wake up call. I just wanted t...
  This was on the Inman Real Estate News , its really good please read. If you guys have any other suggestions please comment.Realtors become own media to sustain market optimismNegative news scares off clientsAre we going to let the negativity in the media continue to create irrational fears in ...
Thanksgiving Day is a joyous family festival celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in US, Canada and several other countries. Thanksgiving Day Festival commemorates the feast held by the Pilgrim colonists and members of the Wampanoag people at Plymouth in 1621. On this day people express gratitude to...
It's the time of year when we're reminded to give thanks.Instead of waiting until next year to be reminded,Let's make every day one of thanksgiving;After all, each day is a unique gift.So, give a hug for no reason;Say I love you, just because;Share a smile with a stranger;Take the time to count y...
Hi Everyone,I got an email saying that Your " Setup upon registrationalert matched a new referral "  I have gotten this type of an email before. it means there is a referral for me that matches my area for a referral. When I try to click on the link it says that  You do not have permission to acc...
I came across this article and I wanted to share it with you , there are some good ideas. This is what the consumer is reading.If you're trying to sell a home, you just might have to offer some inducements to sweeten the deal in order to close the sale. Just remember that some inducements you mig...
Did you know that there are 9 key buyer signals that will red flag you that your buyer may be ready to finally actually write an offer? Let's take a quick look...Nervousness - If your clients begin to fidget, need to use the bathroom, or start jumping up and down, it may mean they like the house....
I don't know what went wrong my post it  got posted 4 times, I apologise for the error and I have deleted all but one but all four are still showing. I think I might of hit the send button few times thinking it did not sent. Please understand that I was not trying to post 4 times.Thank you
I want to share few Ideas that I am working with  to get a good referral business, please share anything else that you might be doing that is working for you. I am sure that a lot of you use these methods to generate business......just a little FYI......To share ideas and brainstorm is great , I ...

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