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I just saw a listing from a well-respected local brokerage company with the warning:  "Property being sold 'as-is', 'where-is'".  Just a heads-up: you generally cannot move residential real estate from its location.  So the "where -is" part makes absolutely NO SENSE!!  This is an expression that ...
  As an exclusive buyer's agent, I consider own of my foremost duties to listen--I mean really listen to what my clients say they want in a home.  But I am never surprised when about half way through the process they let slip that they have been eliminating all homes with "x" feature.  That "x" c...
I don't know about yours, but all of my new clients spend hours in the evenings on their computers, then they make a list of the homes they love and call me at the end of the week to set up appointments.  We go out looking on Saturdays and Sundays for a few weeks but they don't find a thiing that...
  Is February almost over?  Here in the Northeast, it is the very dreariest of months. It is like the last 8 minutes of your 45 minute workout when you know the end is coming but it is just not getting here fast enough!  Spring will arrive as it does every year, but until it does, we have cold, ...
Sometimes we forget how much we know about where we live. If we decide to “move up” to a better house, we already know what neighborhoods we like and why. We have visited friends in many different areas; we love a certain elementary school; we have to be close to the bike trail . . . the list goe...
  Nowhere on any of my profiles does it list "technology" or "SEO expert".  I am a real estate woman through and through. I love the architecture, the design, the function, the decorating, the landscaping and the buying of homes. But I have to have BUYERS to make any money at it (I am an exclusi...
  How many times do we have to be warned abot Craig's List Scams?  Here is a post from the PA Board of Raltors with more horror stories:
Most home buyers are savvy consumers–they research the process on-line. They look on-line for houses. They check values on-line (even though those values are often wrong). Many loan shop on-line. But not all the work is done with a computer. They also talk to their friends and family about the ho...
You know the phone call I mean. A few days after the closing.  Your buyers were estactic with the house.  The price was fabulous.  The inspection issues were resolved to everyone's satisfaction. You did a great job. But your buyers want you to continue to work for them.  They cannot get through ...
I got 9 right, but our home inspecitons have gotten more expensive so I missed that one.  How well did YOU do?  

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