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This was a post written by my associate, Suzanne McLaughlin, a while ago.  And, it has some specific suggestions and great comments by others who have had to make decisions about moving a parent into one's home. This can be used if you face a simialr situation.  And, I hope that if you are in thi...
Do You Sell Real Estate on a Daily Basis?  Why You Should Not Try to Sell Your House on Your Own!   This is not a stock purchase, airline ticket or vacation.  This is your life and your future, and the repercussions of a bad or uneducated move could be costly.  Very costly!   There are abundant ...
Will interest rates increase in 2015?  I have an usual.   I doubt it.  Why? The Fed has only a few with the power to vote.  The conservative members out number the aggressive members 7 to 2. Jobs:  the latest jobs report was good and unemployment was low.  The next report wil...
Do you need a great explanation of how underwriters and bankers determine whether a borrower is qualified?  Read this.  It is one of the best of the best that I have read here on the Rain....and please thank Brian with all your comments.  I will be using this with my clients who have questions fr...
Looking for Real Estate Services in Zimmerman Minnesota?   I spend a fair amount of time keeping an internet presence so my neighbors, regardless if they actually know me, are provided unparalleled  Real Estate services.   There are companies that market to specific cities where they are not loc...
We have a commercial property for sale in Pease (between Princeton and Milaca).  The subject is a one level 4240 square foot building (Built 2011) with 2 forced air furnaces and AC and natural gas.  The subject is situated on 2.73 acres with Highway 169 frontage.  The billboard on the property i...
Great News for the City of Elk River….Business Park Expansion Near the Northstar Station The city of Elk River is moving ahead with the second phase of a business park near the Northstar train station. There is a new 45-acre project which will be open for development to business for five lots in ...
Why do we charge a higher commission rate on average than most?  Simple fact:  we are worth it! I have worked with thousands of Realtors over the years and consider the protection and service of what we bring to the table an extreme value. Ask your neighbor who just purchased a home to see their ...
Ron is almost done with his series on the Minnesota State Fair.  He has covered food, facts, and fun.  Everyday, he has given tips on where to eat, what to see, and included dozens of links throughout, including the DNR fish tank from underwater. It's been an amazing series, and I think tomorrow ...
There is an organization in Elk River that tries to help those who are down on their luck.  It is called Community Action Elk River (CAER).  This organization has done so much to help people get back on their feet.   Could you take a few minutes to help them possibly win a 2014 Transit Connect?  ...

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