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Introducing The... YES! You read that correctly... You can now obtain a short sale approval in as little as 24 hours! *Please note: some banks do NOT sell single notes. Some of these banks include: Bank of America, Wells Fargo and some of your larger banks. This is ideal for small to mid-size ba...
I'm writing this post in hope that more agents will have an open mind and refrain from making false statements. "That's illegal" is a response we received from two agents (this month) who.  1. didn't understand the full details of the transaction or. 2. tried to strong arm us into accepting their...
Tips and Tricks in getting more short sales approved.I'd like to use this blog to exchange information of some (legal) strategies used to increase the chances of a successful short sale.  Here's two that can be very useful:1. Obtaining multiple contractor estimates Most BPO agents aren't knowledg...
If you could receive the following on your short sales: 6-9% commission Never have to fax or talk to the bank Receive a cash offer on your properties immediately Have the buyer pay the shortage on 2nd lien Have the buyer pay HOA Arrearages/Liens, other liens, and judgments Have the buyer pay prom...
"The Short Sale Revelation" Report - Increase Your Short Sale Business Potential (Free Download)
Most agents will agree that short sales provide many challenges.  I speak to many agents on a weekly basis, from various companies, and one of the most surprising things I find deals with the BPO part of the short sale.  The BPO makes or breaks the short sale.  It amazes me how some agents put in...
Mortgage Assignments are gaining more and more attention these days.  While they aren't a common house hold term like short sales, this could change shortly.  Mortgage Assignments are referred to as the "lease worst option", with the one biggest caveat being the homeowner stays on the mortgage wh...

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