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Realtor advise for Technology, Photography, Internet marketing, Ethics, and Realty World. Greg Fox has a background in computers, photography, new homes and medicine. Broker/Owner of Realty World Wichita, and VERY active in the local Board teaching Technology and Professional Standards hearings.
  I was talking to my IT guy yesterday And he was telling me how biz has been.  He's growing.  Lost 2 customers, but gained 4.  Good for him!!  I'm glad I'm a customer he keeps, and I'm glad he's getting help.  Faster response would be great, but he does such a good time I'm willing to wait for ...
Something Sorta stupid really.  Let's have the history first... When I first started in Real Estate - the dark ages of 1995 - I needed to start branding myself.  I thought Magnets would be a good idea.  No research, just remembered seeing them on lots of fridges.  I bought about a couple of hundr...
The Wall Street Journal this morning has an article about Sheriff John Green.  He's been in law enforcement for 37 years.  He should have scruples, and he has morals too. Sheriff John is refusing to hold a Court-ordered foreclosure auction.  Lenders aren't happy, judges are raising their eyebrows...
I'm going to gripe.  A little.  I like Brad a lot, I think he's brilliant.  I love the customizer, but I've resisted using it.  Broke down, and I'm now on board. My struggle?  Some make it too much, takes too long to load, becomes too confusing.  I'm 52 years old (far from a young pup).  I've be ...
  Back when IBM still sold computers - before there was Lenovo, I bought all my computers thru NAR.  We recieved good discounts, they had refurbished with a one year warranty, service was good.  I still use several of the IBM's. Today, my wife said the old (slow, and heavy) Toshiba needed to be ...
   But it does have something to do with:  my friend Ric Reitmeyer; Photography; How Activerain is Really advanced. I wanted to be a photographer once apon a 30 year lifetime ago.  I worked fro a protrait photographer, and Rick Reitmeyer  was my contact at a local supply store.  I ordered all the...
I started a quest a month ago (then got sidetracked...) on Cheap - Easy pole photography.  Read about it here, liked some of the systems and descriptions, but for Joe Schmoe (me), I couldn't get put together what I wanted to do. I have a Canon Digital Rebel (yep, an old original one).  Older SLR'...
Can I get a review of my Recruiting Website please?  I want to know how agents view it, and what needs to be added, made easier, faster, or niftier: www.whyrealtyworld.com I've spent some time on this, created the flash opening, integrated a personality exam, and some other nice things.  For you ...
Article in the Wichita Eagle on Saturday discussed how Home Values had risen 2.59% over the last year.  I had a problem with this quote: (the Realtor quoted)"credited a concerted effort from the local housing industry to control new and existing inventories"  is the reason our homes were still ap...
www.realtyworldwichita.com Web site lead.  We all get them (or should from our websites).  I'm a Broker and I'm averaging about 10 leads a day.  These leads are real email addresses that users give us, and then they get homes emailed to them when a new home comes on the market. Here's the proble...

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