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Realtor advise for Technology, Photography, Internet marketing, Ethics, and Realty World. Greg Fox has a background in computers, photography, new homes and medicine. Broker/Owner of Realty World Wichita, and VERY active in the local Board teaching Technology and Professional Standards hearings.



Thanks to a wonderful post, I checked my site on Rankmon.com.  Opened my eyes in lots of ways, what terms, what engines, competition.  Something I didn't expect.I don't show up on Yahoo at all.  Great on Google.  Fair on MSN.  Nothing on Yahoo.  I checked my competition, and only one of them was ...
With a salute to Jeff Turner, my personal choice for cameras wouldn't be the Kodak 705.  I agree with him on many points, and for a point and click wide angle, it's good.  I have 2 problems with it (and probably LOTS of problems if I disagree with Jeff....).To understand the 2 problems, you need ...
Distinctive Properties your browser not compatible Get your own TruliaMap This is really a Cool Tool.  Type in your home page, and Trulia pulls your listings for you, and maps them.  Gives you an HTML link that you can put anywhere.  3 sizes, or customize your own size.  This is SO COOL!!!Free o...
This one you have to get.  I used this on my OTHER blog.  It was SO simple, and puts all the headlines of any blog on your site.  Flash, Java, Type Pad, Blogger.  You get it from www.widgetbox.com.  This tool is called a Blidget.  A Widget that turns you Blog into a headline machine for your Webs...
Holy smokes, are things changing.  Today, I found a company called SpinVox.  A voice recogniton software that works with your cell phone.  Here's the deal, you're driving down the road, and you remember that you need a phone number, or you forgot to send a contract.  Flip open the cell, speak you...
RIS Media ran a story, that "RISMEDIA, July 16, 2007-AOL announced a partnership with Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions (FNRES). "  Interesting.  We have Paragon3 at our board, and I think this is great.  But more news hit me according to FNRES (FNRES is the former FNIS).FNRES owns a compan...
I just read Maureen Henry' blog on How does your website rate? Don't guess - find out here (used without permission, but I'm going to email her for approval when posted!!!) and the use of the Wedexl Website Analyzer .  This tool is free, and GREAT.  Another good place for a collection of tools is...
I'm looking for info.  How may Realtors compete with their broker for sales?  I'm from the frame of mind that a Broker provides services for the Realtors that work for him.  I recently used Broker Metrics and checked large and small offices.  I found a case where a firm had Realtors 20 - 30% off ...
Alphabet soup?  Not really, RETS stands for "Real Estate Transaction Standard" (see www.rets.org), I hope you know what MLS stands for, and DOJ is the "Department of Justice".  First let's understand a little more about RETS.In 1999, NAR looked around the US landscape and concluded that MLS data ...
Not long ago I wrote that Greensburg Kansas had real troubles due to tornado, I also wrote that the coming problem would be floods.  Never would I have expected what has happened in Coffeyville.A flood swamped a refinery.  In a town where floods are rare, but the midwest has recieved record level...

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