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Realtor advise for Technology, Photography, Internet marketing, Ethics, and Realty World. Greg Fox has a background in computers, photography, new homes and medicine. Broker/Owner of Realty World Wichita, and VERY active in the local Board teaching Technology and Professional Standards hearings.



Ever hear of SwishZone?  http://www.swishzone.com/.  Product is called SwishMax, $99 dollars.  Really.  Lots of templates, built in stuff.  Some free, some not.  Lots of people build things that you can drop pictures in, buy templates (like http://www.mostertemplate.com/) that use swish.  Really ...
THANK GOODNESS!!  Long conversation with Keith Hunter from Lucero/Market Linx.  He is heading up Agent Achieve, which will integrate with Lucero, and they are all owned by First American.  See where this is headed?  I'm a Beta tester for the Lucero RETS connection.  I get to load all the company ...
Schools:  Newsweek ranks the top High Schools in the US every year.  4 made the listin Kansas.  3 are in the Kansas City area.  Wichita has the fourth school.  Ranked at # 527 is East High school, old established school in the middle of Wichita, and home of the International Baccalaureate program...
I'm teaching technology for Realtors tomorrow at our local board.  You would think this would be easy?  I read my outline from 6 months ago.  OH BOY.  Maybe I've learned more?  Maybe a lot of technology is coming to the rank and file.  I've made lots of adjustments.First, the class is difficult b...
Normally, I wouldn't write about my Christianity in a forum like this, but I feel compelled after 2 very gross, nasty statements about Greensburg Kansas, Jerry Falwell, and someone's misguided Christianity hate beliefs on one of my blogs.  I once had a broker, jealous of KW's recruiting success, ...
Because I didn't read all the blogs, I find myself asking questions that others have answered already.  So I checked this time first, and no one else has mentioned this company yet - so here goes:www.LinkURealty.com  I had to call to see if they were for real.  And they are.  And I have no reserv...
The River Festival ends tonight.  For those who haven't heard of it, the Grand Finale is GREAT.  The Wichita Symphony plays for an hour or better.  Patty Austin is paying tribute to Ella Fitzgerald this year. Every year the show  ends with the 1812 Oveture.  The finish of that piece has Cannons f...
Well, I've designed my own - Including Flash.  Don't want that much work anymore.  iHouse was OK, but NO CHANGES.  AT ALL.  I told them our franchise logo was outdated.  They submitted a request.  Wasn't changed after 3 months.I'm liking Myers, I can HTML in it, and the templates are very good.  ...
The 2 bit up there isn't a mistake.  remember "shave and a haircut, 2 bits"?  Wish that a quarter would go that far...Having got that out of the way, let's talk reality.  Free enterprise is good, for America, for Realtors.  Bad service from a cut rate broker will make us look good.  Good service ...
I opened up this brainstorming blog today.  I was interested in lots of articles, but something caught my eye about "when Localism Launches".  I wasn't quite aware it hadn't lauche.  I mean I see the "Beta" at the top, but figured something must have started.  I'm left wondering what will happen ...

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