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Realtor advise for Technology, Photography, Internet marketing, Ethics, and Realty World. Greg Fox has a background in computers, photography, new homes and medicine. Broker/Owner of Realty World Wichita, and VERY active in the local Board teaching Technology and Professional Standards hearings.



Ok, new to Kansas anyway.  I borrowed several ideas from California, Kentucky, Texas, and here's what we did.First, we picked a home with a fair amount of drive by traffic, but in a residential neighborhood.  We didn't wat to be on a highway (it will be obvious shortly).  We decide on a day, arra...
About a month ago, I read that Wichita Kansas had the second most protected Housing Market in the midwest, and in the top 20 nation wide.  By protected, I mean we won't be having a big loss of value here like those being experienced elsewhere.  What an impression that made.  I was in Orlando last...
Happy New Federal Regulations!!  Specifically 13 SEER home Air Conditioning mandates thanks to the Department of Energy (that's right, not the EPA).  This causes a several problems for Realtors to advise our clients on: How do Insurance companies pay for the upgraded units? How do Home Warranty P...
Being a Realtor is similar to losing weight: your weight and checkbook go up and down; seems like it's feast or famine; everybody tells you how easy it is and how to do it; and what works for one may not work for another...I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Henry Cloud in our Disciple Apprenticesh...
Several months ago, I was interviewing a young agent.  She asked me how to know when an assistant was needed.  My thinking at the time was "boy is that question so obvious, when I'm ready to pay someone...".  How uneducated I can be sometimes.  The goal of any realtor that wants to have a saleabl...
Yep, buyer's reps always have a right to be paid.  But WHO has to pay?  Ah, now we get to talk about Procuring Cause.Let's start by getting rid of agency.  The type of agency relationship with a client has VERY LITTLE to do with getting paid.  Agency describes an REALTOR®'s duties, and nothing el...
Inheritance Tax and Real Estate:I was lucky enough to be in the UK a week ago, and saw a headline that caught me by surprise.  A "New" mortgage product was coming to England.  Interest only.  "Why?" you should be asking?  Because home ownership has more than doubled over there since 1950.  When t...
Trying to find customers seems daunting when you're new.  And after you have your first few sales, and think you have it made, you stop doing what got you the sales in the first place, and business dries up.  How do you get and keep customers?  First ask how customers find you, and the home their...
Radon, here? You bet. We're in Zone 2 (1 being the worst, 3 being the least), with Kingman County being the closest Zone 3. With inspectors scaring our buyers and sellers to death (or testing anyway) I thought some government facts would be helpful (http://www.epa.gov/radon/pubs/citguide.html)How...

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