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I had a few moments on a rainy Sunday afternoon in between guests at my Open House to study the February numbers for our market.  What really jumped out at me were the significance of short sales and bank-owned properties.  If you're not active in these segments, you're missing almost 1/3 of the ...
I read an intersting article in the NY Times over the weekend about behavioral economics, and found a very strong correlation between the fly in the urinal and the staging of our listings: both nudge our audience into desired behavior in a fun way that hopefully goes unnoticed. If you're interes...
Hard to believe, especially when it's in prime location with stunning views.   A client of ours who has a pretty mature funny-bone couldn't resist the temptation to bash out a quick Top 10 Reasons to explain the free-fall.   Can you help her finish the job?10. Meth lab built by teenage son blew u...
I ran across  blog advice artile today in iMedia Connection  entitled 10 blogging Tips from 10 Bloggers that I thought worth sharing with fellow real estate bloggers.Abridged, these 10 Tips are:Plan, Plan PlanFocus on What You Know BestListen to Your Readers, and Focus on Conversations that Feed ...
Just like the location axiom; I'm convinced that the most important thing a listing agent does for their clients is "nail" the price/pricing strategy.  A buyers market reminds us of this daily. Unfortunately, there are two big incentives that can run counter to excellence in pricing:Many homeowne...
 A friend of mine forwarded me an email that she had worked with a talented group to bring a new product to market that they hope will raise $300 MILLION or more to help our verterans.  It's certificate of deposit, and half of the interest earned goes to support our vets.  It's called the Veteran...
I'm in conversation with a few other agents about creating neighborhood/community pages, and we're leaning toward using an wiki platform.  Do any of you out there have any strategic or architechtural advice? TY
I was registering for a Buffini conference in Portland, followed a link on a reading list, and ultimately ended up at a review on Amazon for a book entitled Mastery.  I connected with the wisdom in this part of the review and thought I'd share:Mastery is: 1. The process where what was difficult b...


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