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Or "Embracing the naive prospect" by Seth Godin, the marketing guru. Seth points out some valuable insights for anyone that sells to a target market of consumers that are making a "once in a lifetime" purchase. (i.e., a DJ for a wedding, or a Realtor that deals primarily with first-time home buye...
There has been quite a bit of noise lately about payday lenders and their very high (some would say "predatory") interest rates.  Last Tuesday, 12/5/06, House Bill 619 was defeated in the Virginia House of Delegates.  The purpose of the bill was to repeal the Virginia Payday Loan Act of 2002, whi...
Condos, condos, condos....  If you read this blog at all, then you know my viewpoint on the ongoing fad of converting everything to condos.  (and if you don't, then just keep reading) I don't have a lot to say about it right now, but I wanted to point you to an article on from a couple...
I know New Urbanism isn't a brand new mode of thought, but I just came across a great resource with lots of articles and case-studies on it.  I'll be diving in and learning all I can, since I've always been a little murky on the details.  Expect to see more references to New Urbanism in future po...
For the details, see "Fire at VCU's new business school" at The Richmond Democrat. I am just glad that this one did not spread like the one a couple of years ago at the new dorms (that were also under construction, by the way).  I hope this isn't going to be an ongoing trademark of any projects ...
Be careful when you copy/quote content for your blogs!  It is a common concern and as well it should be. Many blogs (including this one) quote content and use stories posted elsewhere as a source for their own content.  The main point to keep in mind is to only quote as much as is necessary, and ...

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