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On-going analysis of the real estate market in Southern California. How-to information on buying, selling real estate, and building wealth.
With sales continuing to be sluggish and new homes hitting the market at a feverish pace recent gains will be difficult to hold. Victor Valley:                                                                                                                                  1/9-1/15- 65 homes close...
Well ok maybe not, but here in Southern California seems like a lot of the news would have you believe otherwise.  Yesterday the Los Angeles Times reported that prices are down, sales while up compared to February are lower than normal seasonal increases, blah,blah, blah,
While this has to do with some recent decisions by the Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors(GAVAR) it seems to also in one form or another affect the other associations I deal with and maybe in your area as well.Recently GAVAR, as well as the Victorville Association both made announcem...
If you know the answer then your a better man (or woman) than I.  Will prices get better or worse? Will loan rates go up or down?  Who knows, but on the other hand who cares?Ok maybe that seems a little harsh let me try it this way.It really does not matter what the real estate market does next i...
Yesterday I was talking with (emailing actually) the processor for a mortgage broker.  I represent the seller in this particular transaction which is 120 days into a 45 day escrow, yes way over due, and trying desperately to finish funding conditions.  One last item remaining was a buyer's affida...
Are there a bunch of landmines scattered thru-out the housing market? You bet.  Homes that are over-priced, have fallen into disrepair(some out of sight), neighborhoods that can and will continue to lose value, and many other potential pit-falls.  It can be overwhelming trying to sort thru the mi...
Well the obvious answer is-OF COURSE.  Technology is a wonderful thing, and today we live in the information age no two ways about it.  It allows you to read this even though we maybe across the country or even around the world from each other.  When it comes to buying or selling a home it is sim...
Before launching into this particular blog I need to, in the interest of full disclosure state the following:I am a member of the Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors and a member of the local government relations committee for this association.  None of the views expressed here are th...
With only 2 weeks remaining in March, right now may be the best time to make a killer deal on a new home, if you are ready, willing, and able to buy.  If being under a little pressure as far as time and energy is ok with you in exchange for saving thousands of dollars or more, this may be what yo...

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