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This is on a personal note.  As I write this, Johnny Cash's home is on fire.  I don't know the extent of the damage, but the street is blocked off with all the fire trucks and equipment.  Barry Gibb bought the Cash property several months ago and has been renovating it.  Apparently a spark from a...
Once again, Nashville is listed in Forbes Best Places to live and work!  We are listed in the top 10  based on living expenses, job growth and cost of doing business.  Other top cities in the USA best places to live include Raleigh, NC; Provo, UT; Boise, UT; Des Moines, IA; Knoxville, TN; Albuque...
To follow up on the post regarding Official Checks.  I was speaking with my daughter-in-law again about this certified funds problem, and she told me that Regions Bank, which encompasses AmSouth Bank (at least the merge is in the process of being completed)......no longer issue "Cashiers Checks"....
My daughter-in-law just started working at a large bank with branches all over the Southeast.  We were talking one day and the subject of "Cashiers Checks" came up.  She kept telling me that "Cashiers Checks" and "Official Checks" are the same thing.  She had just completed her training, which in...
Right now, there are 158 homes listed for $1,000,000 or more in the Nashville Real Estate area.  The most expensive one is a Lodge Estate on 8.03 acres.  A 2-story, 11,054 sq. ft. home featuring a limestone waterfall in the entrance foyer, a Guest House, Library, Putting Green, Pool w/Rainfall, H...
"GREAT JOB GIRL!!!!!  WOW!  It is awesome.  Lots of available information.  Very easy to navigate too.  I can't wait until we get you our photo and info to add to your testimonials.  Your site is so nice!  I will probably use it from time to time just to get information."......Julie This is one o...
I was just watching a TV commercial that was advertising a 125% home mortgage loan.  This is crazy!  If someone is in bad enough financial condition to need a loan for 25% more than their home is worth....then this type of loan would really put them over the top.In my opinion, this loan would put...
We came to Nashville for a vacation quite a few years ago....and fell in love with the area.  There are so many things to love that it's hard to put them in order.  First, the scenery is beautiful.  It's not the mountains, but it's hilly enough for gorgeous scenic views.  We live near Old Hickory...
The community meetings have started!  Are we going to be flooded?  Is the dam going to break?  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have finally released the flood maps showing possible flooding by a break in the Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky.It has been classified as "high risk" for failure.  They have...

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News and information about Nashville area Real Estate