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Breat cancer awareness and a great movie come together in Green Hills (Nashville, TN).   Just like the women in the movie and TV show....Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda......meet four strong and courageous women in Nashville known as....Kia Jarmon, Sharica Smallwood, Kathleen Chandler-W...
House Address:105 Fitzgerald StreetFranklin, TN 37064   $100 will get you a chance to win this beautiful home located in Franklin TN Real Estate!   This home has been built and donated to raise lots of money for St. Jude Children's Hospital in Tennessee.   St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, ...
I have a client in Hendersonville TN Real Estate that is losing their home to a short sale because of a major drop in income.  They have done everything they have been asked & have stayed in constant communication with the lender to try to get anything worked out.   They have been able to elimina...
Take a look at these 2 photos.   First one is New Orleans.  According to Wikipedia, New Orleans covers 350 sq. miles....with a population of 1,167,294 people.  The Katrina flooding was terrible.  Then take a look at the 2nd photo of Nashville.  Wikipedia tells me that Nashville covers 526 sq. mil...
Only in Nashville! The unprecedented flooding caused Naomi Judd's fencing to come down - and now her buffalo are running loose in Franklin.  People are finding fish in the middle of Gallatin Road.  Church buildings are floating down I-24.  Parking lots look like white water rapids...and Riverfron...
  Who would have ever imagined the extensive flooding in Nashville Real Estate?  I've lived here for over 30 years and NEVER seen anything like this.       Franklin has been especially hard hit with the Harpeth River overflowing.  The bridge on Highway 96 is in danger of failure.  Folks, this is ...

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News and information about Nashville area Real Estate