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It is my personal opinion that steroids or some other sort of enhancer is being used by professional athletes.  Personal opinion aside I will give you all some inside facts.  I played minor league ball for Cincinnati and there were plenty of headline stories then as I am sure there are now.  Firs...
Sitting here sipping on a hot cup of coffee in the early morning hours, I think about my morning routine.  I have two young boys that are on a set schedule and love the consistency of it.  I too can relate, my mornings start between 0500 and 0530 everyday doing my research and reading.This is whe...
  Has anyone ever taken their 15 hours of MCE one year and then the next their license is due to expire?  That is what is going on with me.  I have sent TREC an email twice now with no response.  I know that they are shorthanded down there.    Maybe this has to do with every agent being fingerpri...
 Whether you are an avid hunter, weekend rancher, or commercial farmer, one thing rings true to your heart, the rising cost of land.  We have been discussing this in my office for a while now.  It is getting tougher and tougher for the small time rancher, farmer or even hunter to afford the risin...
Have you ever come across a property with title issues?  Maybe some back taxes?  Well I wish it were that easy for a recent piece of property in my area.  There are several ranches that sold town lots for development in the early 1900's.  However these lots were never developed and most of the pe...
There is a old but improved way to market yourself these days, talking.  Yes that is right, good ole chit chat. I say that this is old because that is how everyone communicated before, cell phones, internet and the like.  You saw someone somewhere and would ask them about the weather or family or...
What does this saying make you think of?  Does it make you think of where you are and where you could be?  Does it make you think about what others have and you don't?  Why do we compare ourselves to others and what they have or who they are?  Is life one big race that we are in and we have to ke...
 I really enjoy talking with or meeting a person who gives it to you like it is, good or bad.  You just don't meet many straight forward people anymore.  Most of the people today may give you some version of the truth or what is happening, but most of the time they don't.  But why?  If someone is...
Blogs to me are really good for many different reasons.  One, you can get off on a rant about whatever it is that is bugging you that day.  Two, you can relate a really important topic to everyone else.  Three, you can read about what others have went threw whether it be right or wrong.Todays Ran...
Do any of you know a baseball player, the ones that do it for a living?  I know several, only because I played minor league baseball with them before I was released.  If you happen to know one, find out a little about them and their hobbies in the off-season.  Chances are that they might be a sea...

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