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October 2009 Market Report   The clock is ticking on the up to $8000 Tax credit for first time home buyers that will be ending soon. We are hopeful the Obama Administration will extend this great incentive into the New Year. Let your legislators know you want it to continue. Well you can still ge...
SUMMER 2009 SOUTHWEST FLORIDA REPORT               Sales are up across the area as both investors and end users are scooping up the great deals on some of the foreclosed properties. Savvy buyers are starting to understand the way to a good deal. There was a period a few months ago when you could ...
April Update   If you haven't bought a home within the last 3 years please view the video on our home page at  It talks about the up to $8000 tax credit from uncle sam that does not have to be repaid. There is an expiration on this so give us a call and don't wait. The new...
The improvement in sales from this time last year has made the headlines and maybe your selling your home and wondering what's going on. You really haven't seen an increase in visitors to your home and you might be wondering if something is not right with your listing.   It's great sales have inc...
  Technology marches on no mater how our comfort level is with it. Fortunately, some of the newer programs made available for consumers now are quite user friendly and make searching for real estate almost simple. We are proud to be able to offer a new program called Listing Book FREE to anyone w...
  With the parking lots filling up all over the area , traffic increasing, and restaurants having to hand out pagers again it seems to be Snow bird season in our area once again. We have been anticipating the arrival of our friends from the north for months. I hope that they have heard about our...
DECEMBER UPDATE             The experts say the economic outlook for our area is bleak. Unemployment continues to grow and consumer spending obviously has been affected.  Real Estate, once thought a never-ending source of growth has entered a record-breaking decline locally.   That said, interest...
Besides our website where can you expect to see your property marketed? Your home will be listed in Yahoo Homes For Sale, Google Base, Oodle, Trulia, and AOL Real Estate.   If you choose our MLS for less program your will also find your property in both the local, regional and statewide MLS. Then...
Market update for fall 2008   I will start with our local market's fundamentals and hopefully you will see some good news from these numbers. The year 2007 was this area's worst in 1-year home price change. Prices dropped 21.5% during 2007. The numbers are improving for this year and the forecast...
    Are we beginning to see the beginnings of a recovery in our local Real Estate Market?    I think it's too soon to tell but these numbers look encouraging.      Within the last 30 days, 813 homes have sold with the assistance of a Realtor. Of those 813 properties sold, 103 were short sales and...

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