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A Homeowners Association (HOA) is an organization that is usually created by either a developer or a group of homeowners. These communities are usually a Planned Community or PUD. The typical purpose for the creation of an HOA is to insure that the community is developed and maintained to certai...
The Mortgage Bond Market influence Mortgage Rates. Mortgage Rates don’t follow The Prime Rate they follow the Bond Market. This is difficult for many borrowers to follow, probably because the media about the Prime Rate makes so much hype. So what influences the Bond Markets?  Short answer is the...
What a Great Question and I’m sure there are many and varied reasons. Here are a few that come to my mind. When in history have both home prices and interest rates been low at the same time? RPE Answer: Not since I’ve been in the business (1980) and not anytime that I can ever remember. During t...
What is a Title? Title is a term that describes the owner’s legal right to ownership & use of Property. Title is different than a deed in that a deed is simply a document that shows a seller has transferred his right of ownership to you. Why Do I need Title Insurance? The current owner of a prop...


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