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Young wealth right here in Minnesota.  I was recently reading an article that ranked Scott County number 9 in the US for people of the age 25-34 who are making more than $100,000 annually as a household income!  It was amazing to note this as you would think other larger cities would have ranked ...
If you're like me you probably have mixed views on tax credit.  It is estimated that the February first-time home buyer tax credit cost the government roughly $43,000 for every additional home sale it generated! Here is a few thoughts I have for new tax credit: Will home prices decrease because e...
Here are the 13 most common FHA repairs seen.  This list is not an exact cheat sheet but it can solve many issues that could arise.  Refer to your local appraiser for more details.  
With "Green" in the air everywhere I found this week's RESOURCE magazine from the Minnesota Association of Realtors.  On page 6 there is an article for a new font called ECOFONT.  This font has a "swiss cheese hole" idea in which when printed it can save you about 20% on ink usage!  Save the envi...
Twin Cities Market Report for the Week of October 5, 2009   New Listings This Week: 1,725  (one year ago 1,725)   0.0% Active Listings This Week: 24,503 (one year ago 30,873)  -20.6% Pending Sales This Week: 1,056  (one year ago 749)  +41.0% Days on Market: Aug 2009 (133 days),  Aug 2008 (143 day...
A recent buyer is having trouble getting lenders to back up a loan on a condo.  Now I understand where they are coming from with the condo disasters that have taken place in areas like Florida and Nevada but this is much different.  The buyer is great; good income, good credit, 15-20% down.  The ...
The term "Cash is King" is more true than ever in this market.  Let me explain a recent situation that proves this. After a bank refused to extend the redemption period on a short sale that they said they would accept at $248K, the home went into foreclosure and 3 months later finally came back o...
I was reading an article on MSN today about a family who bought a condo in Florida in which every buyer that was going to purchase backed out and they are now the sole owners in the 32 floor, 200 unit building!  The builder has now even turned off power, stopped trash pick up, and got rid of secu...
Twin Cities Market Report for the Week of July 27, 2009   New Listings This Week: 1,798  (one year ago 2,045)   -12.1% Active Listings This Week: 26,255  (one year ago 33,410)  -21.4% Pending Sales This Week: 1,038  (one year ago 878)  +18.2% Days on Market: June 2009 (140 days),  June 2008 (147 ...
Very Simple and I am going to keep this short.  In a recent June 2008 issue of REALTOR, there was an article titled "Homeownership Still Pays."  They mentioned that there was a recent Fed Survey of Consumer Finances on wealth.  They concluded that owner's wealth exceeded that of renters by a rati...

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