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Google released their SEO Starter Guide today.  It's a great read for those looking to self optimize their site. Here's a link to the google blog where I took it from: Google Webmaster Central Blog    
What is your Legacy? I'll start off by letting everyone know that I sell life insurance for a living.  My business motivates me because every family has a story and I get to hear them every day. I love working with people who think beyond themselves and care for their families as much as I do.  D...
This write up might surprise some people and AARP members.  AARP is portrayed as an advocacy group for seniors, which they are good at.  But in my opinion they use their “protector of senior rights” reputation to add legitimacy to whatever marginal product that gives them the biggest profit marg...
I'm new to Active Rain, but have helped many Realtors get guaranteed issued health insurance.  After reading Jason's blog where his friend went through his last months alive inundated with medical bills because he didn't have health insurance, I was inspired to show those who can't qualify for he...
Register to vote!  Deadline is October 4th in some states.  In my state of California, it's October 20th. Watch this PSA and send it to 5 friends please.  Too much at stake to think you're "just one vote".  There's never been a more critical time to vote.
So you're lazy.  You sit and wait for the phone to ring.  Are you going to meet your personal financial goals?  Probably not, but if you're lazy and market smart you still have a chance. First thing is you must commit to being lazy.  Marketing is mostly a seed-planting process that requires time ...
For the same reasons you're here.  To network, share my knowledge (of insurance and marketing) and learn from others. I may not be in real estate, but real estate agents and insurance brokers have a lot in common when it comes to the struggles of acquiring new clients and marketing.  We all have ...

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