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I write about the St. Michael, Hanover, and Albertville areas, about what I do in the communities, my birdhouse creations and how I help realtors sell property.
Ron’s Rustic Birdhouses Presents….Hole 19 Divot Club I know, I know.  We are all sick of this quarantine and over-messaging virus.But, I wanted to have a little fun.  God knows, we all need a little fun right now.  (I won’t go into all the troubles and travails that are happening in my life right...
Well, hello, again.... I am getting so far behind on returning comments.  Please bear with me.  I have been really busy SELLING birdhouses. This is the latest one I sold due to ActiveRain.  It was purchased by a lovely lady in Georgia who just happened upon it as she was looking for a gift.  Isn'...
Hello again!I got quite a few comments on my Mel's Diner birdhouse, and thank you to Hannah Williams for her interest and purchase!! Well, I have another one to show off!  This was made just before Mel's Diner.  It, too, is for sale. The cat on the deck looks almost identical to one of our cats. ...
Hi, Folks!  It has been a long and brutal winter.  And, I won't go into all the details. Suffice it to say, I am very much looking forward to spring, if it ever arrives!I have had some opportunities to do work on some birdhouses here and there, however.   This is my latest creation - Mel's Diner....
 Hello, everyone! Since I started building birdhouses, I have built so many with old Coke crates.  I especially liked this one because you can see the nest inside (when the birdies come to start their family, that is).So many pieces are on this one, too.Here are some of the photos:        Thanks ...
 Ron’s Rustic Birdhouses Presents….Birds I View First of all a big thank you to Carol Williams for purchasing a birdhouse from me for her friend, Gail.That was a nice surprise and I really appreciated the Rainers who have had a big impact on my little cottage business. Second, the Silent Auction ...
Hello, out there in the Rain!Ron’s Rustic Birdhouses has a new birdhouse….FishtailingThis one was somewhat accidental.  I had a lot of the details, but the house itself changed over the course of the build.  But, I think it turned out alright in the end.So many of the details that I put into thes...
Don’t let the title of the newest creation of Ron’s Rustic Birdhouses make you sick.It is a well-known fact that most birds find food for their young and let them have the version of that food that will be easiest to digest.  It is sort of a pureeing that our babies get.Given that premise, that i...
Greetings to everyone! Again, Ron’s Rustic Birdhouses presents yet another creation. This one was inspired by a variety of garden trinkets I have collected over the past year. Some of them came from estate sales, some from antique shops and some from retail establishments.  I hope that you like t...
Horsing Around came from the idea of the bale in the paddock and the great looking horses I found. The front shows the cat, the chicken and the horses. The left hand side shows more of the lean-to with the star on it.  The right hand side shows off the fencing and the horses.  This last photo sho...

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