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 When Mcdonough house values—or even only the public’s perception of house values—rise and fall at eye-popping rates, even homeowners who aren’t thinking of selling find it unsettling. The dislocations that resulted from the housing crisis of the last decade are hard to forget. Although some risk...
 Everyone still calls active would-be Henry County home buyers “house hunters.” The term hasn’t changed; the goal hasn’t, either—but today the activity it conjures up is very different from that it did just a short while ago. For instance, for Henry County house hunters whose last hunt was in, sa...
Like almost everyone else in Stockbridge who spends time online, I often come across lists. Headlines that list the “Top 10” or “Top 5” of almost anything usually catch my eye—especially the ones with “real estate” in the title. I’ve trained myself to just glance at the items and move on if they ...
Your Mcdonough investment properties are fulfilling all the potential you hoped they would. They do more than just pay for themselves with the cash that flows in with the tenants’ monthly rent checks—they also build equity with each mortgage payment. The wisdom of those investments is reinforced ...
Last week, Henry County residents who found themselves at any stage of preparing to buy or sell Henry County homes had to have been motivated by what came out of Washington. Last Wednesday was the day the Federal Reserve officials were set to announce their new target for the benchmark federal fu...
No matter what their current financial profile, home buyers in Jamestown share knowledge that the value of the property they are acquiring will become a significant entry whenever their family’s net worth is reckoned.For those whose total in that category weighs in at $5 million or more: great! Y...
Most Stockbridge real estate turnaround practitioners follow what might be called “The House Flippers’ Creed”: buy, fix, sell—as quickly as possible! The speed factor isn’t just because, as in most businesses, volume dictates profitability. It’s also due to the investment’s interest expense—the v...
If you’re keeping abreast of the latest Mcdonough real estate doings and you come across the word “surban”—that isn’t just some sloppy spelling. It’s a new real estate term we’re likely to see a lot more often.The most-cited definition for “surban” is in Urban It defines the word ...
For those who may have been wondering how the final GOP Tax Bill could affect possible real estate investment plans and tax liability next year, the changes can be significant.I know, I know. As soon as you saw “tax liability,” your eyes glossed over and your finger got ready to swipe right. But ...
 If you’re selling your home in Stockbridge this summer, there’s one piece of pre-sale advice that will almost always pay off: the pre-sale home inspection.You might be surprised to learn that many sellers elect not to take advantage of this service—but I can’t say I blame them. A home inspection...

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