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I love to see how the NAR spins things...and they ALWAYS seem to be spinning.  For example, this latest story from CNNMoney.com (http://money.cnn.com/2007/08/15/real_estate/NAR_home_prices_lower/index.htm?postversion=2007081510) states that "During the second quarter, the median single-family hom...
For the nation's largest lender, the threat of bankruptcy seems impossible...but that's exactly what this Bloomberg article suggests.  It's not only possible, but it's "likely if Countryside loses access to short-term financing."  On one hand, this article underscores the ripple effect felt count...
I love this intro paragraph:  "Stocks slumped for the fourth straight session Tuesday on fresh worries about the mortgage and credit markets..." (emphasis added).Is there really anything "fresh" about the mortgage and credit markets?  I'll bet as soon as the Dow goes up again, some savvy reporter...
Having read a few posts this evening, I feel compelled to remind folks that spending a few dollars up front on a good real estate attorney (when needed) can save you untold misery (and money) down the road.  I know folks don't like hiring attorneys.  They can be expensive (and sometimes not worth...
OK, so I'm prone to sarcasm at times.  Here's the latest article to elicit a sarcastic response.  The news article proclaims that "a majority of the nation's banks have tightened lending standards on subprime mortgages".  No way!  Are you serious?  Was a special study commissioned for this report...
I'm so tired of news reporters and "experts" saying that stock market gains are "due to easing credit concerns"...only to be followed by a crash "due to subprime meltdown spillover".  Some of these reporters must be on medication...and not the legal kind.  If anything, we should know now that the...
My older brother Todd passed away just a couple days ago after a long battle with cancer. Todd's family continues with his beautiful wife Cindy and their five children. I did a Google search for Todd Romrell and didn't find anything about my brother. In one sense, I think that's a nice tribute to...
BSC is up today on Wall Street but its 52 week high was $172 and it is trading today around $123.  I just read today that four BS executives cashed out at the top of the market for about $57million, which means they would have taken a $16million bath if they'd held their stocks a bit longer.  Thi...
I was traveling at the time, so my apologies for not posting this sooner, but if you haven't see Jim Cramer's meltdown while talking about the Fed and Bear Stearns, it's worth a watch.  This guy must have had some serious money (or clients' money) wrapped up with Bear Stearns or the market in gen...
The NAR is predicting that existing home sales will hit 6.04 million this year, down from their earlier prediction of 6.11 million.  The bad news is that NAR's change is in the downward direction.  The good news is that they're still predicting millions on existing sales!  Yes, the market is down...

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