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It's like a bad nightmare (are there good nightmares?)  It looks like First Horizon is cutting 1,500 mortgage positions.  Option One is cutting 575 additional positions.  This is just after Countrywide announed cutting 10-12,000 jobs.  In fact, Bloomberg predicts that 100,000 jobs will be cut...a...
This article from earlier this morning (CNNMoney.com) caught be by surprise.  It seems that the Fed and many other experts were very nonchalant about the mortgage crises in the beginning.  They've since realized it's a pretty big deal.  So this article made me wonder if history is repeating itsel...
I was curious to see whether any Idaho towns landed on the Top 100 places to live, according to CNNMoney for 2007.  Check out the link here.  http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2007/moneymag/0707/gallery.BPTL_top_100.moneymag/index.html  I'm left wondering where is Boise, Idaho Falls or Twin Falls?  ...
Sometimes bad real estate brokers/agents give their contemporaries a bad name with their laziness or, worse, unethical and illegal conduct.  Well, it's not just Realtors.  :)  Bad apples are everywhere.  Here's one example of why some attorneys get a bad rap...but please don't hold it against the...
My secretary says size matters...and sent me this email image to prove it.I guess that's a good argument to "go green"...although there are probably a few contrary arguments to go...um...what's the oppositive of green in this context?  Would it be to "go SUV" or "go smog" or "go black"?  Is there...
According to this CNNMoney.com article, Lehman Brothers is laying off 850 people as part of its mortgage business "downscaling".  See http://money.cnn.com/2007/09/06/news/companies/lehman_mortgage.ap/index.htm?postversion=2007090613.  This news comes after Lehman announed the closing of its subpr...
Holy you-know-what.  Everyone knows what happened to New Century and the problems they've caused for homeowners, employees and the entire real estate and mortgage lending market.  They're not the single cause of the mortgage meltdown, but they certainly had their fair share of contributions.So no...
It was with pleasure that I viewed this video clip from Bill Clinton's interview with Larry King, to be aired tonight on CNN.  King asked Clinton about the Larry Craig matter.  As a student and teacher of public speaking, it was very encouraging to see how careful Clinton was in answering some of...
The convicted (because he pled guilty) Senator Craig might not resign after all.  That's the latest from Idaho.  And yes, it matters since we're all affected by the things a U.S. Senator does and/or can do (i.e., passing legislation or spending our hard earned tax dollars).  Here's the last post ...
As congress returns to work (minus one of our formerly esteemed Idaho senators), NAR will be working diligently to do what it does best...protect Realtors!  It's something they take seriously and for which all Realtors should be deeply appreciative (of course, your dues help support their active ...

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