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The Landlord MUST: Comply with local housing and building codes; Do whatever is necessary to put and keep their homes for rent in Raleigh NC in fit and habitable condition; Maintain in good, safe working order all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and other fa...
The purpose of the fair housing laws is to protect a person's right to own, sell, purchase, or rent housing of his or her choice without fear of unlawful discrimination.  The fair housing laws are intended to allow everyone equal access to housing.  State and Federal fair housing laws prohibit di...
Late fees can be charged to the Tenant only after the rent is 5 days or more late. The Tenant can be charged $15.00 or or 5% of the monthly rent, whichever is more. So $15.00 or 5%...which should I use? It sounds simpler to charge 5%, but ... Subsidized Housing:  If the property is subsidized, yo...
Fair housing laws apply to all housing transactions, with exception of the following limited exemptions: the rental of a unit in a multi-family dwelling with not more than four units where the Owner (or a member of the Owner's family) lives in one of the units; the rental of a room or rooms in a ...
Federal legislation signed in May 2009 gives important rights to tenants whose landlords have lost their properties through foreclosure. Renters and tenants are now being affected by foreclosures almost as often as homeowners. The mortgage industry crisis that started in 2006 has resulted in thou...

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