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Okay, so I couldn’t go cold turkey. I had to find another way to keep a few more Friday Funnies going. So, for a few weeks, the Friday Funnies will be the TV edition. Some clips I found from past TV comedy when TV comedy meant something far different from today. Hope you enjoy the clips. Due to t...
There are times where I ponder and then see a correlation between my life and something else. Today it was my garden. It is challenging to have a vibrant garden in Vegas. Most plants here are just shades of brown or covered with thorns and needles. Sometimes it seems I see people that either don’...
So, there are two things motivating this trip. Yes, one is getting back to normal. The other thing is to make sure my mom has the best life possible. You see, just before the pandemic I took my mom to Maui for a week to the family timeshare. She hadn’t been there in years because of my dad’s pass...
I know a team leader. Let’s call him Pete. Pete has many systems to make his team profitable. Some of these systems are subsidized by alliances with other firms like lenders who profit by getting the loans from these leads. All good so far? The problem is this: when Pete calls, the lender snaps t...
I knew a person who had very little control of their temper. They felt it was a way for them to be respected and heard. Instead, it was a way for folks to tune him out and avoid him and completely block him out altogether. When one uses yelling and anger to make their point, they may be doing the...
Well, here we are June 1st. And we all know what comes at the end of June, right? We will be half way through the calendar year. 6 months down, 6 months to go. Sort of like midterms. Are you on the pace that you want to be on for this year?  If not, look at what needs to be tweaked, honed and ref...
“I didn’t say I touched her”. What does that sentence mean? When you receive a text or an email, it can mean a number of things. This is why voice to voice communication can be so key. The TONALITY conveys over 5 times more than the words themselves. I didn’t say I touched herMeaning somebody els...
I chose to look at Mondays as Motivational Mondays. Some of us may be thinking that we need an extra cup of coffee or an extra hour of two of sleep. I choose to say, give me an extra shot of motivation and set me on my way. As the year keeps slipping by us, I am focusing one week at a time on cre...
So much I think of. While I do enjoy a good barbecue and time with family, this weekend’s holiday is about something so far deeper. It is about remembering those that paid the ultimate price for us. These are how I choose to honor them here on this very special weekend in America.       
The world’s greatest lover. I’ve seen that on numerous coffee mugs and bumper stickers. But what makes a great lover? I read a story recently related by a pastor. Every week, in the front row, would be this couple that kept their arms around each other during the sermon. Every week. However, one ...


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