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The market in Peccole Ranch is strong for March 2021. As of March 1st, the market for houses in Peccole Ranch looked like this:5 available at an average price of $436,5803 expired in February at an average price of $425,80015 SOLD in February at an average sales price of $428,893 For condominiums...
I hate March Madness. I really do. When I try to have a party for my birthday on March 18th, there are usually dozens and dozens of drunk people screaming at a TV screen = even though they are still weeks away from the final game. I see dance clubs that don’t allow music and dancing because of th...
Bellingham, Washington. I envy people who live near there. They have the opportunity to see this man in person. His name is Grant Fishbook and he is a wonderful pastor at Christ The King Church in Bellingham Washington. Here are two of my favorite clips of his. The first is a wonderful brief chat...
One of the options for this month’s challenge was to do a “bucket filling” post. Since I started doing these last fall, dozens of people have told me that they thought “bucket filling” should be done more often. And yet, nobody else made it a regular habit. So, I made it a part of this month’s ch...
Due to POPULAR DEMAND - THERE"S MORE!!! In fact there are 7 more days for your to "Share The Love".Yes, we know, February is a short month and some folks were so busy that they couldn't write. So, you have until March 7th to write any posts you want to make a part of the challenge.CLICK here for ...
They say there are 6 human needs and each life is a unique balance of those 6. They each can also have a unique role in real estate.1) Certainty – well most folks want to know exactly how their transaction will go without uncertain surprises, right? They want to feel as if you have planned for ev...
A woman was taking an afternoon nap. When she woke up, she told her husband, "I just dreamed that you gave me a pearl necklace. What do you think it means?" "You'll know tonight," he said. That evening, the man came home with a small package and gave it to his wife. Delighted, she opened it to fi...
Decades ago, in Northern San Diego County, there was a kid who saw that with all the people that owned horses in the area, he could earn some extra cash cleaning horse stalls in the afternoon after school. Well, he got clients fast. Then he had too much business. So, he got a few other kids who w...
I have seen real estate agents that help at church or maybe at a charitable organization. Some do it while taking 86 selfies so that they will appear better to the community as opposed to actually having a desire to help others. And I know an agent, actually a retired agent that constantly seeks ...
So, we have this manager that does some of the training for the company I work for. He has this habit. At the beginning of the Zoom class, he will ask how many homes are for sale in our MLS. At the end of December, we had 3200 houses. At the end of January, we had 2400. Monday at 9am, we had 2340...


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