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The Real Estate Tomato is conducting a seminar series on blogging education at the Placer County Board of Realtors on August 15th and August 29th from 9am to 1130am.  We will be focusing on topics to help you become better at blogging and that will help the future of your business online. As the ...
On my normal route home last night, I noticed a bikini clad gal on a street corner with a sign that said "HOT coffee and BIKINIS!" She was “attention getting” and all..I was trying not to wreck my car as it startled me to see this in our just a bit too conservative digs. I began to think about bl...
When I first became interested in what the Tomato was doing, there was something that just didn't sit right with me.  Jim was saying (and I knew he was right I mean the guy comes ranked very highly for "blogging advice" on the big G that arguing with him is fruitless, lol) that blogging helps you...
In my first few days being a part of the conglomerate that is "The Tomato", Jim had to put in a celebrity appearance with Inman in San Francisco and I was left behind to slave away, lol, and return phone calls to folks who had expressed interest in what the tomato has to offer or had questions.  ...
 Some of you may know me from "The Secret" / Law of Attraction blogging that I've done here, a subject that I enjoy immensely. While not well known, I intend to become more "active", no pun intended.  In November/December, I attended a talk given by none other than "the Great" Jim Cronin.  Being ...
Over the last 2 years, I've been studying in a MasterMind group format with another gentleman that I met at the Bob Proctor Science of Getting Rich seminar in Las Vegas in 2005.  We'll pick a classic work, study it independently then talk once a week to see what we've learned from it and how we c...
Inevitably, when a discussion about the Law of Attraction comes up, it's mentioned that while a specific desire was held, what was desired did not manifest itself in the world of the person holding the desire.  I've had this happen too and there is a very clear reason for it but the trouble is th...
Since the movie came out, there is a lot of talk about how the Law of Attraction works in our lives.  The Law of Attraction is a sub law to the Law of Vibration which states that nothing is at rest; everything vibrates on some level or another.  Since all things vibrate, those things that "resona...
While the same cannot be said for other regions of our area, the 95765 zip code so far this year is out performing last years numbers by roughly 15% and the overall California numbers by over 20 percent.  While this isn't "burning down the barn" so to speak, it's nice to see that properties are m...

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