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Buying or selling real estate in Tucson, AZ, can be an interesting and rewarding experience. Explore with me as we work through the ups and downs of the market today.
My client is in a bad situation and has done all he could to mitigate his circumstances.  However, we are now in a position where he needs to sell and FAST.  His story is below as well as some details and photographs of his property."After going through a divorce a couple of years ago, I have bee...
Perusing the real estate news this morning, I came across a story about a buyer who purchased during the real estate boom 2-3 years ago and then came to realize that she paid more for her home than other buyers did when purchasing other homes in her neighborhood.  She is now suing her agent, clai...
With so many short sales, REO and pre-foreclosure opportunities available, many people are either thinking of investing for the first time or are stepping up their investments.  The great news is that the pricing of mortgages for investing has come down and is now very close to rates for primary ...
Is your bank threatening to foreclose?  Are you left owing more than the house will sell for?  In Arizona, the bank can not come after you for the money you still owe after the property is sold.  However, there are some tax consequences to having the bank forgive your debt.  This applies whether ...
We are still hearing some doom and gloom forecasting from the national media, but here and there we are also beginning to hear snippets of positive reporting, especially in our local Tucson area.  So what's going on?  Are things really turning around?  Let's look at the numbers.Sales VolumeCompar...
On Your MarkThe holidays are behind us and now is the time of year when we all resolve to do more things or at least more of the right things.  Truth be told most of us have probably already broken our New Year's resolutions since it is already January 16th.  I have discovered a very easy trick t...
A little-discussed addition to the Bush Administration's plan to help stop foreclosures last year was the addition of a new FHA loan product called FHASecure.  The idea behind this plan is to relax qualifying restrictions somewhat so that people who have ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) that are ...
I have been contemplating the meaning of being a living sacrifice for my Lord.  It seems that most people view being a Christian in one of two ways.  They either expect it to be a life of sacrifice and not having any fun (a bunch of rule following) or they see it as merely an addition to their li...
While the national media still reports very bad news for the real estate market, our local Tucson market continues to stabilize slowly but surely.  It is still a fantastic time for buyers because our inventory is still so high.  However, I predict that within the next 12 months we will see that i...
A few days ago, I made some comments about the new rate freeze plan based on the details that were out at the time.  See Help on the Horizon for Sub-Prime Borrowers? Now that more details are known, I am a lot more skeptical about the positive effect that this plan is supposed to have on our econ...

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Tucson, AZ is a varied and exciting community to live in. Whether you are buying or selling a home, it's vital to have someone on your side who has the information pertinent to your area.