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I am sure there are a lot of you out there who are just like me, trying to figure out how to use all these different on-line platforms effectively and integrate them to get the maximum bang for your free bucks.  I thought I would create a post showing what I am doing with the platforms I have fou...
If you are up to a year away from buying a home, now is not the time to be talking to a bank.  Here is my recommendation for what you can be doing right now to put yourself in the best position when the time comes to buy your home.  
Seattle based Starbucks is hosting a promotion to try to encourage or at least reward people for voting.  If you go into a Starbucks tomorrow and tell them that you voted, they will offer you a free coffee.    Can I vote more than once?
Ok, so it doesn't rhyme, but you get the idea.  It is recommended that you change the battery in your smoke and Co2 detectors twice a year.  An easy way to remember to do so is to change them in the spring and fall when you adjust your clocks for daylight savings.  Tonight is the night we all nee...
Home owners! Before you run out and spend thousands of dollars to remodel you home to get it ready to sell, watch this video.  You may be surprised at what you need to do and more importantly, not do, to get your house ready to sell.   
As promised here are the latest numbers for Seattle condo prices.  Below the graph is the raw data for the past four years.  Funny that the numbers are een more encouraging then those for single family home prices.  We are only off 4-5% from the hoghs of a year ago.  As with single family home pr...
 I know you guys love to hear the stats.  I am happy to oblige.  Here is a graph showing what the current median home price is doing in Seattle.  Below the graph is the raw data for those of you who want to dig into it.  The price for the most recent month of $420K is down roughly 13% from the hi...
Hey gang, Here is my latest video talking about taking photos throughout the year so that you have them when it comes time to sell your home.  For more videos check out my you tube channel:  
I took this photo this morning on my way to the office.   I know it isn't earth shattering but I think it is a big deal.  Just a few months ago we were all scared that gas prices were going to hit $5 per gallon and now we are looking at almost half of that.    Gas prices along with the Dow in my ...
Hey gang, here it is. My first attempt at video blogging. Let me know what you think. Also I created a utube channel with lots of other videos either that I made or that are of interest to Seattle and Seattle Real Estate. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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