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Lethbridge real estate   Prices in Lethbridge are still under downward pressure.  Housing inventory in the City remains above normal and sustainable levels.  Today's activity through the real estate board included:   September 27, 2011 Activity at Lethbridge Real Estate Board 24 New Listings 6 Co...
Effective immediately, the Bank of Canada Qualifying Rate Drops to 5.19%     What does this mean for consumers who are shopping for Lethbridge real estate or for a Lethbridge Mortgage?   Well here is a quick refresher.  The Bank of Canada created and set a minimum qualifying interest rate in an e...
Okay, this is a pretty random content post.  I just came across a bunch of links to some recent articles and I had posted and wanted to consolidate them into one spot.  I am going to temporarily stick them here into a blog posting so that I can refer to them again when i get more time.           ...
Just had a professional make me a quick 50 second video for my Lethbridge real estate website - Lethbridge real estate.   Take a look at it and please feel free to leave me a comment or even better a thumbs up on the video if your able to.  Every single one helps out with the ranking and placemen...
Lethbridge Real Estate - Homes in Lethbridge   As September is upon us the prime season for selling your home in Lethbridge has come and gone.  While the weather is still decent for the most part buyers and sellers who are serious about moving have already done so.  It is a fact that our local Le...
Lethbridge SEO   Recently I had some SEO work done by a foreign friend.  He wrote a couple of short articles and linked them back to a website which I own and to an internal page that deals with the subject of SEO.  Here are the links to the short articles that he wrote.  Not sure if they are yet...