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This can be a good thing, but remember..all business items that YOU buy for your everyday business needs are deductible. So, you may want to consider getting the receipt (if the person will part with it).  The deduction is always a good thing to have. Also...having the receipt is a good thing if ...
It has been a really nice year in many areas.  Although we have been plagued by drought and wild fires, it has been a nice summer. But, the time is coming for those who filed extensions for their taxes.  Every year, I get several that wait until the last couple of days to come to me. For those wh...
I was sent this photo.  I don't know where it came from but it is very cure. First off, the kids most likely had no idea of what they had. Can you imagine them calling out... MOM...COME LOOK AT THE KITTENS! Ahhh, yes.  To be young and innocent.
I got this question asked me and I nearly fell on the floor. "I forgot to file for an extension and now I am late.  Can you back date one for me?" "NO".  The IRS goes by POST MARK. With all the warnings the news had opn this, (You would have thought they were covering a disaster)  This person For...
After working for 4 weeks 7 days a week, on tax returns...I am taking a day off. But, it will only be for one day.  There are some last minute people who have refunds coming that want their returns done now! I am not complaining...it is Job security.  But for today...the day belongs to me!  Now, ...
Today is the DAY!  Last day to get your taxes sent off. No I don't have time to prepare any returns, I am doing extensions all day. Now, if are one of those who did their taxes early but didn't file right away, (why give Uncle Sam the money any sooner than needed) you better dig them out and get ...
It is the same every year.  I will have someone walk into my office and want their returns done in a day. Right now I am almost 4 days behind. If you have a longer return, I am already planning on the extensions.  Extensions cost money to do  It is good for my business, but harder on my clients p...
Time is flying by.  many people here in Minnesota are preoccupied with the great weather. Time to get ourselves back on track.  In about a week or so, I will be so busy, like most accountants, that I will not be able to get your taxes done before the due date. If you don't have a date to get your...
This is an interesting twist on the American Dream.  It is one that Bill Feela bings up in this blog and one that we all must think of.  If I had parents of nearing retirement age I would be taling to them to see what needs to be done to make sure they are secure.  I am going to do that right awa...
Bill has made a valid point in his blog.  I just did the taxes of someone who is buyer a rent to own home.  The fees were astronomical!  There are also some built in fees in the contract that my tax clients did see.  NO representation.  Much care needs to be taken when entering into a contact lik...

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