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Hello Everyone, Let me start by apologizing to any/everyone that might be possibly following me on here. I have not been a very good blogger. To be brutally honest, I am going into this whole activerain, facebook,youtube, linkedin, twitter, etc. etc. etc., with a whole lot of " Do I really need t...
Hello Everyone, I guess that I am one of those "GLASS IS HALF FULL" kind of people. I have been thinking alot lately on what the real estate market will look like this year. Part of me thinks that unemployment at its highest rate in years and the general economy not exactly doing great that thing...
I have been asked numerous times over the years, " How long does it take to get a shortsale get done?" The answer is that "it depends". "It depends" on ....... A) Having all of the EXACT needed documents that the lender for the 1st and/or 2nd mortgage is requiring for the shortsale. In other word...

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