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This past Saturday, July 24th 2010, was the launch of "Life in a Day". Oscar-winning director, Kevin Macdonald is asking anyone that wants to participate, upload their own video to YouTube. He is planning on gathering film clips to document one day, as seen through the eyes of people around the w...
Growing up in Australia, I loved all the gardens and parks. That's probably one more thing I love about Walnut Creek. It has so many parks and gardens, just like back home.  it's hard to turn a corner or go into a neighborhood and not see one. In my quest to share 365 Things to do in Walnut Creek...
We all have busy lives. We have our To-Do lists and our calendars. We are so intent on getting all those things done, that we rush through each one just to get to the next one. Some days are worse than other. Imagine my delight when, right in the middle of going over the days To-Do's, my sweety s...
      Ever noticed how peaceful downtown is early in the morning. I was driving around taking random pictures to include in 365 Things to do in Walnut creek, CA when I noticed a bronze statue that I had seen numerous times but never paid that much attention to before. Without the distractions of ...
When was the last time you went to the library? Over the last decade or so, technology has brought the library to us. Before Google and the internet with it's search engines, the library was the go-to place. It used to be the community's "famiy room". Now with the new Walnut Creek Library and it...
I just love it here in Walnut Creek CA, and I want to spread the word about how great it is living here. I don't know everything there is to know about Walnut Creek because there is so much but I would love to learn more. For me everything begins with a good sunrise. So this blog should too.  Any...
... my mind was reeling with all the new info I got from Agent Reboot in San Francisco yesterday. The very first thing I did this morning was check if there was a blog on 365 Things to do in Walnut Creek, CA. I was so surprised to not find anything come up on a google search. Since I wanted to bl...
Heading over to San Francisco to attend Agent Reboot. Hope to meet many fellow Bloggers today and learn more about this new tool. See you soon - Rita
  This will be my first Blog Post and like of all you Bloggers out there... we all have to begin somewhere... the question is where? It's a beautiful Thursday morning here in Walnut Creek. I can see the sunshine begin to light up the Oleander outside my window. We are getting ready to pack up the...

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Connecting, learning and sharing about everything Walnut Creek.