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What would be the five most potent sales techniques you could use if you had only five sales techniques at your disposal? What are the questions that would improve your closing ratio and grow your business? The five most potent sales techniques are ones that have been proven over years of selling...
CRM for Real Estate is a pretty dry topic, but I’ll try to make this blog interesting.  It all starts with me going to an appointment at my Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).Yesterday I had an appointment with my audiologist.  While having a routine examination, it was determined that one of ...
A Day Late and a Dollar Short     Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash    Previous blog posts I have written discussed the lack of follow up with leads.  What I want-to address today is the timeliness of follow-up.Did you ever have a customer say, “I wish you had taken longer to get in touch with ...
How to Lose More Money in Real EstateBy Ray Stockwell, Director of Product Marketing ZipperAgent  Apple picking with Family 2018  My last blog was about apple picking and how real estate agents lose money on leads.  so to be consistent, I thought I would include this picture of my wife, son-in-la...
How to Lose Money without even tryingBy Ray Stockwell, Director of Product Marketing ZipperAgent    Last Sunday I went apple picking with my family.  My wife and I started this fall tradition with our children and have now continued it with their spouses and our three grandchildren.  It is more a...
Americans Choosing to Renovate Rather Than MoveWhen housing markets are down it usually means that homeowners stay put and, more importantly, renovate. Stocks in Home improvement stores have been on the rise recently. Home Depot stock has been up by as much as 15%, since March and Lowe’s stock by...
Labor and Subcontractor Costs Outpacing Inflation adding to Raising Home Prices  According to the National Association of Homebuilders, a record share of single-family builders reported shortages of labor and subcontractors in July.  In a survey, they conducted builders were asked about the effec...
Why do to DC? Why go to any Trade Show? To do any trade show successfully requires a lot of resources and work for a company. Employees must plan PR, prepare and approve a budget, design and produce displays, purchase equipment, train staff, reserve lodging, formalize travel plans, write and prin...
3 MYTHS OF CRM’S DEBUNKED  1.    Big Brother is watching  The most common reason people are opposed to a CRM, as noted in several reports, is some variant on the Big Brother Syndrome. Big Brother, in this case, is the fictional creation of George Orwell in his classic novel, “1984”. In the societ...
  By Ray Stockwell, February 2018Using Real Estate Cycles to Predict the Next Housing Bubble Why is it that bubbles in the housing market seem to catch so many people off guard?  Back in 1876, Henry George, a popular American political economist and journalist, wrote about real estate cycles.Acco...

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