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Miscellaneous ramblings, tips, how-to's and overall general observations from Ryan Hukill, Edmond's own tech-addicted Realtor
I've been waiting to hear back from CPA for some clarification on how the new Home Buyer Tax Credit can be used, and I finally got confirmation today... There's a twist to this new credit that EVERY HOME BUYER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT.  MAKE SURE YOU'RE TELLING YOUR CLIENTS! Home Buyers Incentive - NE...
We all have our little ways of helping our home buyer clients keep their search organized, and I've been using the digital camera method for years.  I hand them my camera and advise them to take as many pictures as possible (address block first) to keep things straight in their minds, because it ...
Do you ever have down-time that you could be using to learn?  Waiting in the Dr's office, or the carpool line, or at the oil-change place, I usually try to find ways to use that time productively.  One way I've always fallen back on is my RSS reader.  It's a great time to catch up on blogs and ne...
It seems that lately the barrage of brokerages trying to coerce me into moving my license has increased exponentially.  Whether they're driven by a slower market, greed, or whatever, I'm literally getting hit up 2-3 times a day lately. While I have absolutely no interest in making any changes, I ...
In my local market, I'm amazed daily by the number of agents who just don't see where our business is headed.  Many don't see it because they just simply haven't kept up, while many others simply choose not to care. I always wonder, do they really think that the changes going on in our industry a...
The interface on the iPhone's touch screen is amazing, but I've found that there's a substantial segment of iPhone users who don't even know some of the basics, so I thought I'd share a few of the simple features that will greatly improve your iPhone experience. One of the things I think makes su...
I know it makes me a geek, but I get excited about new technology, and in today's world things are moving at a very rapid pace, so I get excited a lot! I don't know about you, but I send pictures from my phone all the time.  I post photos to the various social networking sites I'm active on, I se...
I often wonder this, seeing as how Google is taking over the world.  Seriously though, there's been a lot of buzz around the release of Google's newest iPhone app.  It did finally release yesterday, and so far I'm impressed! This is one seriously intuitive app. It can't read your mind (yet), but ...
As indicated by the frequency of my ramblings on the topic, proper home pricing is one of my largest hurdles when meeting with hopeful home-sellers. Common sense tells me that will never change, but I feel that helping those who want to buy or sell homes in Edmond better understand the market is...
I recently took the leap from my Windows Mobile 6 smartphone to the iPhone, and I have to say, I haven't been this excited about and impressed by a phone in a LONG time.  I should've done this a long time ago, but nonetheless, I'm on the iPhone bandwagon now & I don't plan on getting off of it an...

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