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I marvel at the ability to edit photos these days.  When I was younger there was no need to "touch up" my photograph.  That is not the case now.  Whenever  I have my photo taken, call it what it is...vanity takes over.  I immediately utilize the "edit" option on my iPhone to improve on those litt...
I like to showcase all the fun events happening inside the gates of the Big Canoe, Georgia  Community each month. And this upcoming month of September has some very exciting events I am happy to share with you. My husband Al and I are looking forward to attending at least a few of them. Here they...
The other day I was driving down the road and had some extra time. I happened to be in the area of Twist Fine Consignments and Gifts. I decided to stop in and check it out as I was curious about the type of consignment items they had. Turns out they do consignments on furniture only, most of it c...
When I take clients to look at homes in my Big Canoe community, there are a number of characteristics about Big Canoe that really stand out for them and make them want to live here. These attractions go beyond the golf courses ( of which there are three) and the clubhouse ( which has a top notch ...
We are fortunate here in the gated community of Big Canoe, Georgia to have a restaurant right on the premises at the Clubhouse on Lake Sconti. This restaurant, the Black Bear Pub has delicious offerings that run the gamut from hamburgers and pizza to prime rib and pasta. Chef Tulio even grows his...
While most of the children in North Georgia are headed back to school next week, there are still plenty of activities coming up in Big Canoe for the month of August for children and adults alike. Here are the most exciting events coming up for residents to enjoy:   August Events in Big Canoe   We...
Although I have written about a lot of different areas inside the gates of Big Canoe, I forgot to mention my very favorite neighborhood: The Waterford neighborhood. Waterford is closest to Big Canoe's North Gate, and also quite close to McDaniel's Meadows so if you enjoy hiking, this is a perfect...
I have been trying to tune out all the crazy mud slinging happening in the Presidential election this year, however...the negative tone has appeared to cause buyers to hesitate purchasing homes. Refraining from my own personal opinions on which candidate would make the best President, I look forw...
The Campground Comparison   Recently, I have heard a few people coming to visit Big Canoe, Georgia for the first time and remarking that it reminds them of a big campground. A friend of mine felt the same way. Driving through the main entrance to Big Canoe you drive down a road with trees borderi...
  North Gate Station Across the street from Big Canoe's North Gate is a series of buildings that have been sitting vacant since for awhile. These buildings are part of the Shoppes at  North Gate Station. Currently in the North Gate Station there are a few businesses, an ice cream parlor, and a fu...

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