Do you have reserves? Any blog on your draft modes?  I do have some reserves. Mostly for emergency purposes, because sometimes it is hard for me to write when I'm under pressure especially when it is already past 8 PM and I need to post the blog before 9:00PM to stay on 30 post in 30 days challen...
Are you on the 30 post in 30 days challenge? I am, and I'm on my second week. Now I have another 30 days challenge. This time, it came from my 9-5 job. Since both me and my wife works for the same company, a company that really takes care of their employee, they came out with a new program called...
I'm on second week of 30 post in 30 days challenge and it's hard for beginner like me to think of what to say everyday. I'm glad one of my friend in facebook share this thought that for me worth sharing. I hope you like it. "At the age 4:Mom knows everything! - age 8: Mom knows alot - at 12: Mom ...
To me, it depends. I did subscribe to a lot of members of Active Rain. I enjoy reading their blogs, like what they have to say, and trust them if ever they re-blog. I'm not online all the time to read most of the posts. So sometimes I just click my subscriptions button to read blogs from the peop...
Do you have a favorite quote? I've been following a few coaches on twitter and sometimes they share their quotes. If you're going to ask me what's my favorite one, so far I have a lot. Let me share one of my favorites; "If you're not getting better, you're getting worse" by Pat Riley. Sometimes q...
If you are a resident of Moreno Valley, California like me- you can help strengthen the economy by shopping locally. Every taxable dollar spent in Moreno Valley benefits the important City-provided services and help to maintain our parks and streets. It also helps our public safety, senior servic...
Do you ever ask and get an answer right away? Yesterday I asked for any suggestions, any topic that I can share for the 30 posts in 30 days challenge, and before I knew it, I got wonderful responses. I got my answers and solution for the challenge. Let me tell you what they shared with me if you ...
How many times have you been planning to post your story and never did it? Then one day somebody posted it...   I admit I only read posts that are featured. That's why my dream is to have my first post being featured. I waited and waited till I have a good story and experience to tell that I thin...

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