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Practical real estate marketing advice for busy real estate professionals.
Craigslist can be a great vehicle for listing promotion and lead generation. In order to take advantage of the benefits, you need to make sure you're following best practices and avoiding Craigslist posting faux pas. For the best possible results with your Craigslist real estate marketing, avoid ...
Editor's note: Originally published May 2015, updated August 2015 for accuracy and relevance. I think we can all agree that sometimes when you hop in the car, you need to blare your favorite jams and rock out. But if you're looking for a more thought-provoking drive, listen to a podcast. There ar...
Real estate lead conversion can be frustrating. Trying to effectively nurture leads is time consuming – and sometimes despite your repeated efforts, unsuccessful. But there are three things that may be working against you right now that you’re completely unaware. Understanding and avoiding these ...
I have a real estate blog, but… I just don’t have time to actually blog!Sound familiar? Read on! Everyone hates that "race against the clock" feeling - and when that starts happening to you every time you sit down to write a blog, chances are, you're going to give up on it sooner rather than late...
As discussed in a previous post, real estate seller leads are very valuable to agents because they offer a number of benefits: You can take on more clients You have more control over your time You have the opportunity to represent both sides of the deal Bidding wars in a low inventory market can ...
Are you maximizing your marketing flyer lead generation potential? As an agent – you are on a constant quest to generate new business. Save yourself time and effort by turning your existing marketing materials into targeted lead drivers! This article will teach you four easy ways to use marketing...
There is just not enough time in the day! Not only have you heard that saying a hundred times, I’m willing to bet you’ve also caught yourself muttering it aloud. Real estate is an all-consuming profession so it’s important that you stay organized and have a solid strategy to help you maintain a h...
How do you design a great logo? A logo is an important, yet at times overlooked, element of successful marketing. Agents who own their own brokerage or who are not affiliated with a brokerage that dictates their brand may find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to creating a great logo. To get ...
Most of the time, I focus my posts on sharing tech and consumer trends, apps that'll make your life easier and new real estate marketing strategies that'll help you generate qualified leads - but not today.  Today's blog post is all about the funniest (and most embarrassing) real estate stories a...
Representing a buyer in a contingency sale – where your client’s new home purchase is wholly reliant on a seamless execution of the sale of their property – is stressful. When your sellers are trying to coordinate dual transactions, timing is critical and any small obstacle can quickly escalate i...

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