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 A client called me last week to say, she and her husband wanted to look fo a piece of land.   Previously they were looking at resales.  So, being aware of their desire to keep real estate taxes in check I suggested we visit the town assessor.   We made an appointment with him and off we went.  H...
        Today the Commerce Department reported that wholesale prices shot up 3.2%, the biggest jump in 34 years.  Gasoline accounted for the largest percentage of that increase.  Before you spend your hard earned gas money and put that prospective client in your car, qualify, qualify, qualify.   ...
 Evey year I am in a tizzy when it comes to holiday tipping.  Who to tip and how much to give are always the questions.  I know that most of services provided to me all year are by people who are in low paying jobs.  They rely on the their end of the year presents.  According to Eillen Powell of ...
       The Federal Reserve cut the short term interest rate by .25% today and I prefer to think that this could mean a better real estate market.  The price of homes has fallen all across the country.  We all know that there are buyers out there.  They can afford housing and are waiting for the o...
       Yesterday, I was so very excited to finally purchase the Blackberry 8830.  After deciding that the Treo might be too sophisticated for me.  Our IT Department e-mailed me their enterprise activation password and I was ready to go.  Or was I?     My learning curve is actually at it's best wh...
                        Thanks to all of you who responded to my blog, "To Call Or Not To Call."  Just having a neighborhood to voice my thoughts helped me to work through my heartache.  Your comments were positive and honest.   They needed to be heard by me  and I am sure others as well.   Much ...
        I have not written a blog in a very long time.  After making one excuse after another but the bottom line is I felt this topic needed to be discussed.  I, as many of you have my own website,, one prospective client registered on my site in the early part of September....
I know that my clients were lucky that the buyers gave us a higher bid.  The broker for the buyers explained that there was another property in the same complex that they could purchase for their price. The purchasers are have more than 50% to put down.  Two days of explaining to my clients that ...
Well, the low bidders are back!  Their broker called last evening and raised their bid by $10,000.  I called my clients and we had a frank discussion about the present real estate market conditions.  Our discussion centered around the competition and their desire to move since I can't tell them w...
The last 24 hours brought two very low bids on two of my listings.  The agents representing their buyers both told me that the housing market is in a slump. Guess they thought I didn't know.  Their buyers would buy my listing or move on to another.  They were both bottom feeders but definitely en...

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