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       Thinking of relocating to Westchester County New York where children are fortunate to have a wide variety of activites  to chose.  There is fun for everyone at all times of the year.     My favorite is the Rye Nature Center, which offers hiking trails, the Greenburg Nature Center has a mus...
                                                          Today, while reading my morning newspapers on the web, I came across an ad.  It asked the reader to donate to your favorite candidate.  Never thought I would.  Although I will not say which candidate I gave my donation.  At that moment in ...
                                                  You will never believe that problems that I have encountered with the Verizon and the 8830 Blackberry World Phone.    After three weeks of not being able to log on to WPMLS  to do a listing search I finally called Verizon for help.  Don't ask me w...
        The sales statistics for single family homes in the municipalities of Bedford and Lewisboro, Westchester County, New York for the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 indicate just what we would suspected.  Homes are on the market longer and the number of sales have dropped.  The average price of a ...
                                                                                    An agent that I know well read my blog on, Listing Agent 007.  She totally disagreed with my thoughts and wrote her own blog on the subject.  While I know the opposite to always be true but respect her right to di...
                                                                                                The Spring market is coming and you are just thinking of selling your home.  Maybe it is because you want to downsize, a relocation or a want for a different style home, which can  be a challenge in to...
       This afternoon I went on a listing call and could not believe my eyes.  I sold this house three year prior and it was in pristine condition.  Everywhere I looked there was dust and grease.  I opened the refrigerator things were growing there and it was not penicillin.  Instead of biting my...
      This summer our Australian Shepherd, Dallas, presented us with five male puppies.  After lovingly caring for Dallas and her litter I began to wonder are we the masters or are they.  There are currently more than 70 million dogs in the United States and they account for a large part of the 3...
     I received a phone call right after the New Year from a recommend.  He was interviewing with a company in Westchester County.  He now lives with his wife, baby and two dogs in  the tri-state area but too far to commute.  We spoke about what he now currently owns and what his needs would be f...
                                                                                    You don't have to delay the American Dream of home ownership according to  Morris Davis, an economist, who previously worked as a staff economist at the Fed. His study tracked rents from 1960 vs the appreciation o...

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