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                                                           Clients are asking, "How green is my Realtor." More buyers are looking for ways to save energy and agents are looking to attract buyers and sellers.  Want to try a new way to market your services as a Realtor?  In today's downward spirali...
       The baby boomers had an additional pension for their retirement, it was their home.  They paid their mortgage, as they paid the bank their equity increased. It was as if they had an additional stock market account.  The piece of the American Dream increased as the housing boom took hold.  ...
        Walking down the aisles of Trader Joe's chocked full of goodies.  The shelves are stocked with the basics but the store has a wide variety of organic produce, imported cheese any many other goodies.  I love it  because they pride themselves in selling the unusual, e.g. frozen chicken-lemo...
        The month of February brings a new year and reason to celebrate.  It is  Chinese New Year, the Year Of The Rat.  Celebrated all over the world by people of Chinese decent.  The Lunar New Year is steeped in tradition, although the legend of Nian is the most colorful explanation.  Nian was ...
Many homes in Westchester Countyare weekender's. Worrying about freezing pipes, or flooding from hot-water heaters that have burst is not much fun. Piece of mind comes from today's watchdog a remote access system . A little insurance for making sure your home away from home is safe and all system...
       Yesterday, I met a commercial client, Mike, his landlord and the landlord's broker at my client's restaurant.  Mike called me to set-up a meeting so that he could lease the additonal  contiguous space for his restaurant.  The landlord was quibbling about my client opening up a wall and pla...
     Picture this you are showing a new client a home.  You point out all the features as you walk through, no this is a living room stuff, you open a closet and what a surprise you get!  So, as you open the closet in the master bedroom there is a dead body hanging in the closet.  Can't  really m...
      I have been a real estate broker for a long time and have observed many different real estate markets  It is obvious to me that pricing your home is so important in today's weak real estate market.  Prices are down and homes are staying on the market longer.  I believe that if you price you...
       I had a great lunch today, at Bedford Post, Richard Gere's new restaurant.  The decor is rustic, the food was great. And if you judge a place by it's coffee you will not be disappointed.  It is Westchester County's  new place to celebrity watch and be seen.  Check out the article, titled, ...
       The downturn in the real estate market not only affects us simple folk but celebrities too.  The month of December saw 4,430 homes sold, which was a decrease of 48% in units.  The starter home in LA will cost you $1,400 ,000.  The range covering homes from $3,000,000. - $6,000,000., are ha...

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