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       The Spring market is just about here.  Interest rates are falling.  Deciding to purchase a home is a big step.  First time buyers can be the beneficiaries of falling prices.  Buyers should find out all they can about the area they want to live-in, ask their agent to do a Comparative Market...
       There is a boom in real estate it just does not happen to be on our continent.  It is in Bagdad, Irag.  Citizens looking to live in a safe city are finding too few homes so, now the demand is causing bidding wars.  The prices are rising.  Iraqi's  usually pay cash for their homes.  Is this...
       Every evening I sit and listen to the cable news, local news and the conventional news channels, the doom and gloom of the housing market is always a favorite topic.  There definitely is a housing slow down in the Westchester County, New York market.  In the luxury market developers are no...
                                                        If you want a piece of the American home ownership dream now may just be the time to buy.  If you have a down-payment, the combination of lower home prices and lower interest rates, than this is a good time to purchase yout dream.  I believe...
                                                               The Village of Mount Kisco's breaks ground for  their new state of the art library.  An 8 million dollar facility, where the old library was,  housing 18,000 sq feet, exactly double in size. The facility will include a silent reading ...
                                          Homeowners can keep ahead of wasting their dollars by having an energy home auditor inspect their home.  The auditor checks areas such as;  insulation,  door and window frames so that costly energy is not escaping.  They check the efficiency of your homes...
                                                                         Ever wonder why someone would want vanity plates???  I do when I spot one.  Then I try to sound out the word or abbreviation they display.  Is there a secret message?  Honestly, some make sense and others do not.  Marketing,...
      Today's article in the New York Times,  "Thinking of Living in Mahopac's, Westchester County addresses  the beauty of nature in the area .  Pristine waterways, rolling treed country side are enjoyed by residents because of careful thought and caring about preserving natures beauty.  The air...
   The down real estate market brings new cautions to brokers.   I am an associate broker at an office in Westchester County, New York.   Our office manager is always reminding us of what a litigious society we live-in.  She is, of course, correct.  Before I ever accept a bid from a  buyer client...
                                                What do the elite school districts in Westchester County  have in common you ask?  They concentrate on developing young minds with an emphasis on skills.  They want students to think and problem solve rather than gear their  knowledge to a standardi...

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